Joint party celebration with Jollibee!

Initially, this party was intended to celebrate only Chaeli’s 3rd birthday. Since Chase made it clear he doesn’t want any party for his 7th birthday but a trip to Disneyland. ( we all know he is just choosing a better deal 😉 So, we all agreed to just make it a joint party celebration for the two of them (They are both born in December). I wanted it to be just a simple party and not extravagant at all. We chose Jollibee Global city branch since most our relatives are from that area and we thought it was the most accessible branch to everyone. Why Jollibee? Because Chaeli wants and loves him! I guess every filipino kid for that matter.

You can book the party online and call them directly for any additional request or concern. This is an advantage for me since we are based in Cabuyao and It would cost us a lot if we need to visit the branch everytime I have request or concern (which are plenty haha). My only wish is for them to have a bigger and spacious party place because for 120 pax crowd we really looked cramped.

Let’s start with our suppliers. I booked a balloon decorator for the ceiling hanging balloons and two tower for the standee’s. You can check them out at I chose the cheapest package since I don’t want to cramp the space further with balloons. They were two hours early and was able to set-up in less than 15 minutes.

Next is our Balloon Master Nhell! I got him from Balloonboy creation. for our party and we are beyond satisfied with his service. He was 2 hours early and as soon as the party started he made every one happy with his awesome balloon creations- truly a balloon master! He did it for two hours non-stop without complain (He even insisted to make his food wait to accommodate everyone’s request) Kids just cant get enough of his creation.

Look at Chase trying out his own balloon jet pack!

Let’s not forgot who brought glitz and glam to the party – Kiddie Salon by Nail brat! Check them out at They set-up early (even on venue two hours ahead), accommodate guests courteously, done amazing braids, beautiful tattoos, and sparkling nails- for the whole two hours non-stop without complain! Great job and awesome service.

They start with showering Chaeli their undivided attention making her pretty and making her feel special on her special day. Chaeli sure doesn’t want to ruin her sparkling nails, she won’t close her hands nor her fingers! haha

Lastly, The “giveaways”.

For Chase & Chaeli’s godparents. We ordered personalized pillow from Jesh Force Enterprises c/o Jen Dugay. She offered the cheapest yet quality personalized pillows online. I ordered twice for additional orders because ever since I posted a preview of it, many wanted to have one of their own. 🙂

For the kid’s mini tool caddy, I ordered them a month before from Handicrafts Atbp. While the loot boxes came from ERS printing. You can search for their pages in Facebook.

Oh I almost forgot! The birthday cake! The kids loved the Lego movie theme cake from Sugar MOM. Check out her facebook page here

Everyone had a blast with Jollibee as he and Hetty entertained us with a dance towards the end of the party. They also gestured a message for the celebrants which the host translated for us. It was a memorable and fun-filled day for the kids and we are grateful to everyone who shared their precious time with us. You all made this simple party an extravagant one!


Yummy Cake-in-a-Jar!


What better way to share a piece of cake than having them in a beautiful jar? We all had fun sharing this personalized cake in a jar made by Zhelle’s House of No-Bake Cakes. The cake was as beautiful as it was delicious, the jars can also be re-use and perfect for souvenirs.

We had a cake-blowing event in Chase’s school last week and thought of sharing a piece of cake with everyone without a “knife” and “mess” involved. I was browsing and looking for bakers or bake shoppe near our place and I stumbled upon Zhelle’s House of No-Bake cakes online. She offered affordable prices and free delivery to our place so I instantly booked her! Since Chase loves mangoes and requested to have a mango cake for his birthday, I ordered mango cake from Zhelle for him and his classmates. The cake is composed of chiffon cake with vanilla frosting and fresh mangoes toppings all packed in a jar. It was yummy and we all loved it. I also ordered a box of crinkles with dulce de leche filling for hubby 🙂 I loved how the red velvet crinkles melts in my mouth plus it’s not too sweet- perfect!

How could you say no to this lovely  and delicious cake in a jar?

How could you say no to this lovely and delicious cake in a jar?

You can also enjoy this yummy cake by visitng and contacting Zhelle! She is so accommodating, her home-made cake in a jars and pastries make a perfect delicious, easy  treat anytime for anyone 🙂

Pictorial at RAVE pasig

RAVE Pasig photo 10626682_10205347642914742_8740387194365076071_n_zps4c9d4497.jpg

I got a really cool and affordable photo video package for Chase & Chaeli’s birthday from Tina Magallon. I initially plan not to get a full package since I only need the photos for my blog but because Tina is sooo accommodating and good on persuading me by her affordable and high quality outputs, I gave it a go :). I haggle the package price at almost half the price but she still gave me a free pre-birthday photoshoot for Chase & Chaeli! Incredible right?! It was supposed to be just an indoor shoot but Tina insisted that it will be better to have an outdoor pictorial at RAVE Pasig. I am still waiting for the preview pics though so bear with my phone camera photos here.

RAVE Pasig photo 10301591_10205362290480922_3892067083385419570_n_zpsae55a0a1.jpg

RAVE Pasig photo 10353630_10205362283640751_2856513066427761279_n_zpsbc97e250.jpg

RAVE stands for Rainforest Adventure Experience. It was our first time to visit and I am surprised that an oasis park/resort exists just in the heart of the metro (and a few meters away from home).

Among the park’s attraction and amenities are the boating lagoon, maze garden, zip line, petting zoo, butterfly pavilion, aviary, water park pools, train station and amphitheater.

RAVE Pasig photo 10487213_10205362288880882_2453031406818524416_n_zps4a7ba02a.jpg

There’s no ENTRANCE fee if you just want to stroll around the park, but if you want to try their amenities, there’s a minimal fee of 20-50 pesos only. It is cheaper if you are a PASIG resident. So better bring your ID if you are one.  It is ideal for everyone who wants to experience nature but can’t go far from the city. A nice place to have a weekend getaway to for families too, our kids had fun in the zoo and train ride. Too bad we weren’t able to experience the boating lagoon because we ran out of time (we were there around two o’clock in the afternoon) but there’s always a next time! 🙂

RAVE of Pasig is located at F. Legaspi Ave. Maybunga, Pasig City and is open from 8 am to 6 pm. For more information, visit their Facebook page,, their website,, or call (02)642-5280 (Admin) or (02)628-4291 (Water park). 

Booths republic : Personalized gifts



We all love our names and there’s no better present to receive than one that has our names on it. That is why I am loving these personalized giveaways from BOOTHS REPUBLIC. They’re practical and sweet gifts to share this Christmas. I will be giving them to Chase’s classmates and teachers in school on his birthday. Since they do not allow food to distribute in the class aside from the cake, these bag tags and paper clips will serve as their takeaway loots 🙂 I will also include a ticket invite for their Lego themed party in Jollibee that will be held on the last week of December. I am sure this will be a hit because eversince as I posted this on my FB wall, friends and relatives have been asking me where they can order these lovely gifts. Well let me share it with you as well :

You can see their works at

For orders and inquiries email them at



Joint party for Chase & Chaeli


The 7th year is supposed to signify first independence and seen as an important milestone in the life of a child. This when they enter grade school and gain steady friends to celebrate this said birthday. Chase will be turning seven on the first week of December and because we want to make it special (not exactly extravagant), we asked him six months before what he wanted in a party. He answered that he doesn’t want any party but want to go to Disneyland Hong Kong instead (Good job Disney channel!). So we booked our flights to Hong Kong when the cheapest fare came available.

But wait Chaeli is turning three on the last week of December and She has been asking us too for a party specifically one with her favorite characters “Jollibee and Hetty” (Just because she saw Chase’s 3rd Jollibee birthday album and watches alot of Jollibee series). Research says that that our earliest accurate memory occured after our 2nd birthday and Scientists claimed that children can correctly recall experiences from when they near three years of age. Having said that, the 3rd birthday is the first celebration that a child would remember and enjoy in his/her life. This is true for Chase, until now he remembered how Jollibee danced at his 3rd birthday party 🙂

So we have decided to have a joint celebration on Dec 28, 2014 at Chaeli’s favorite fastfood chain – Jollibee (Lego movie theme)!  I will try to update you with the party planning details and Chase’s HongKong itinerary in my upcoming posts so don’t forget to subscribe or join my Facebook fan page at

Academic competition for kids


Chase with his fellow quiz bee participants

Some say competition has negative effects especially for kids. Because it commonly depicts one hailing winner above a field of disappointed losers. Some parents thought it is not healthy for their kids to take nor constructive to their development just yet.

That was my first thought when I received the letter from my son’s teacher informing us that he is selected to represent their school to compete in an upcoming quiz bee competition. Worries and fears quickly ran through my head.. What happens if he loses? Can his heart take it? How will I encourage him without putting pressure on him? What if he gets tired and fed up from studying? Is he really ready for it?

Fortunately everything turned out well for us. My son and his team mates enjoyed their review classes and were able to quickly learn their lessons in just a couple of weeks. Chase was able to gain new friends and because of that he never felt he was competing but instead just advancing his lessons.

I realize the whole experience for him would be beneficial and that includes winning or even losing in the competition. Life is after-all a series of winning and losing at one point or another. The pressure set upon them pushes their limits and inspire them to develop and explore additional skills. Competition provides motivation to achieve a goal, instills the value of team work and perseverance to overcome challenges.

Chase and his teammate Gian as champions in the recent CAPRISA Science quiz bee competition

Chase and his teammate Gian as champions in the recent CAPRISA Science quiz bee competition

Reading is fun!

Chase & Chaeli loves to read on animals!

Chase & Chaeli loves to read on animals!

While having our grocery shopping yesterday, my kids saw these books and asked me to buy it for them. I usually answer no to whatever it is that’s not included in my list. Only these are books so I really can’t say no to educational stuff not to mention they’re on sale! They cost roughly $8 altogether. Such a steal considering two of them are encyclopedias.

Reading to children especially toddlers culminate a foundation for independent reading later on. The more you read to them, the better they will learn to read on their own. I don’t focus on the alphabet just yet, I’m more focused on their comprehension skills and their recognition of cause and effect in the stories.

My husband and I read to them before going to bed or if we have nothing else to do 🙂 Most of the time we make up our own story to tell and even make them lead a plot. They can choose a book they want or ask a random question to their Dad. If we ran out of stories we google some fable and tales even myths. We use animated voices to catch their attention and ask them after for their own version. Chase usually has extra stories from his dad because he loves  adventurous type and thriller stories which Chaeli doesn’t appreciate yet. photo 1

Chaeli has shorter attention span than Chase and most of time she just want to point at the pictures and ask me what they were. She listens only if she’s still interested and will make you repeat it a thousand times if she is so into it. haha ABCs and reading can be taught in school so it doesn’t matter if they are not ahead in reading or academics when they enter pre-school. Love for learning is what I want to develop and making reading fun is one way for them to enjoy and never grew tired learning. I hope. 🙂