I’m back!

Guess who’s back from a long hibernation?! Me! So sorry to keep you all waiting.. I know I owe you so much from Chase’s 7th birthday in Hong Kong, Chase’s school party to the kid’s joint party celebration in Jollibee and know that I haven’t forgot all about them. 😉 December was a fun and frantic month for us. If I were to compute our stay at home, maybe it will be less than 10 days for the whole month! We spent the first week in HongKong, The second week preparing for Chase’s school exam, the third week in Baguio City (10 hours drive from home) and the final week in Manila for the kid’s joint birthday party. Then we spend the new year in my husband’s hometown in Cavite. So there! No wonder our utility bills’ went down to almost 70%. 🙂 I hope everyone had a memorable and joyous holidays like us. Happy New year 2015!


Mommybuysph – Christmas gifts for less

Christmas season is fast approaching and so is the season for gift giving too 🙂 Although not necessary, Gift giving serves as an act of love to our “inaanak” and loved ones this holiday. More than the material benefit, I see it as a good way to let them know that they are remembered and special. One doesn’t need to go broke this Christmas on spending too expensive gifts. As they say, it’s the thought that counts and Gifts are merely token of love and appreciation. So hunt according to your budget and your recipient’s needs and preference.

I just started to list down my Christmas gifts when I saw Mommybuysph stall in Acacia estates bazaar weeks ago. They have RTW clothing for kids for only Php 400 or less. Being a mom, I prefer clothes and other essentials things over toys because they are more practical and economical too. That is why I bought a bunch of hooded blankets priced from 150-200 each from Mommybuysph.  –They are an affordable (and within my budget 😉 ) cute gifts for babies and kids less than 2 years old. I also bought Frozen themed pajamas and dresses for Chaeli for less than Php 200! They also have cute tutu dresses for toddlers and pre-schoolers but sadly most of the sizes available then are too big for Chaeli.


Cute characters hooded towel/blanket for babies 🙂

FYI. Most of their items are easily sold out so don’t wait further and Check out their items in her instagram account – Mommybuysph.


Vintage prom dresses

I love vintage style dresses because they are classy and never goes out of style. That is why I recommend this to all girls for their upcoming school dance. Vintage is one of the safest choicest of outfits to wear at the prom since the designs are timeless. Want to look sophisticated girl with a chic style in a Vintage Prom Dresses? Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Vintage-Prom-Dresses-7932/

vintage prom dresses
vintage prom dresses
vintage prom dresses

In the early 80s, prom dresses worn by young ladies were very appealing and fashionable. Majority of the girls wore a long gown that nearly touched their ankles and the floor. The dresses brought out their innocence and sweetness when they began to walk in the ballroom. Young ladies often changed their dress in harmony with the type of music aired at the prom. In this decade, disco music was a hit. The prom dresses would vary in colors, shapes, and designs in accordance to the inclination and body figure of the wearer. Silk, velvet, and satin belonged to the most usual textiles for prom dresses. They were sheared with admirable stitching, lace, and pearls. And this surely revealed the most captivating look of a young lady.

Vintage prom wear from the eighties looked fabulous and cater to the classic hourglass figure. The key is to choose the right gown that suits your body type and inner wear that provides enough support. The 80s style varied from Ivory Lace Creations, Punk Prom Party Frocks, Ruffled Prom Dresses, and Strapless Taffetas. These were joined by the Polka Dot Bowed Prom Dresses, the Vintage Lace Wiggle Backless Promenade Dresses, and Floral Knee Length Gowns.

As exciting as the prospect of prom is, it also brings about plenty of worries and anxiety, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect dress. With so many dresses available on the market, deciding on color, fit, and style is often overwhelming. When a girl wants to look beautiful, finding the right dress is an important part in making the occasion one to remember. Tbdress.com has vintage prom dresses under 100 dollars. Hurry and check them out.

Tidebuy Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving, and it’s the day you’ll find some of the hottest online shopping deals of the whole year. Whether you’re looking for dresses, scarves, trench coats to jewelry. Expect to get the best Cyber Monday deals online. Tidebuy is also giving their own Cyber Monday sales at http://www.tidebuy.com/s/CyberMonday-168/

According to their website you Smart shoppers can count on Tidebuy for the very best deals during Tidebuy 2014 Cyber Monday Weeks. From dresses, scarves, and trench coats to bed sets, jewelry, and shoes, Tidebuy 2014 Cyber Monday sales available in unbeatably low prices-up to 90% off! Most also have free shipping! I am set to buy these lovely winter ensemble at really low prices! Check them out below.

This Color Block Patchwork Double Breasted Overcoat is on sale for only $50.39. Check it out here

This Fancy Starry Sky Vintage Style Women Necklace is on sale for only $6.29. Check it out here

This Sweet Warm Ribbon Lace-Up Medium Snow Booties is on sale for only $45.99. Check it out here

The hottest deals will sell out quickly, so don’t wait until late in the day to begin shopping. Wake up early in the morning to browse Cyber Monday ads if you can.  There are a lot of reasons for you to go online shopping. It’s easy, stress-free and the best way to find amazing bargains on everything. So hurry and get the best deals this season. 🙂

The LADY Blogger Foundation – A blog worthy of shares

Lady Blogger foundation is a charitable organizations of bloggers who wanted to make a difference in their own simple ways. They are inspired to change lives through community, children’s program, disaster and various feeding programs. This December they will be helping Tahanan Outreach program in Sta. Ana make 25 kids feel their love by sponsoring a party filled with food, games and prizes – FUN.  

You too can share your love and support by donating (monetary or goods) any amount to these kids. If you’re interested please email prewchatterly@gmail.com. Better yet purchase one of these beautiful shirts below because proceeds of these will go directly to Tahanan Outreach program.


So help me spread the word by liking and sharing https://www.facebook.com/The-LADY-Blogger-Foundation to your FB friends. Happy holidays!


Tidebuy Lolita dresses

Lolita fashion can be quite expensive to buy and one has to really invest on it. They are made for special occasion and event to make one look stunning and doll-alike. I’ve recently been introduced to cosplay fashion such as Lolita dresses and became instantly curious and hooked on it. However as a newbie I don’t know where to start and what to look for.

Fortunately I stumbled upon Tidebuy’s lolita dresses! They all look stunning and uniquely stylish. Plus they are available at cheap prices because of their daily deals and sales. Although I must admit you won’t caught me wearing those on the mall or with my kids 😉 Because these dresses can really draw the crowd’s attention on you that easy. Let me show you some of these awesome dresses I found online.

This Red and Black Pleated Multi-layered Bowknot Ornament Collar Sleeveless Gothic Prom Dress is on sale for only $113.99

This one reminds of my LBD ; Black Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress is on sale for only $79.39

I just love the color of this Sweet Pink Long Cotton Lolita Dress! It is on sale for only $114.39

Tidebuy Lolita dresses has a large number of styles to choose from Tidebuy Lolita dress, Tidebuy gothic Lolita dress, Tidebuy white Lolita dress, Tidebuy cheap Lolita dress, Tidebuy pink Lolita dress, Tidebuy classic Lolita dress, Tidebuy blue Lolita dress and Tidebuy sweet Lolita dress. It is said that the sweeter styles tend to appeal to younger Lolitas, and Classic and Gothic may feel more natural for older Lolitas. So don’t forget to visit http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Lolita-Dresses-4461/ and choose one that suits your unique style.

Jewelry for fashion

Christmas jewelries lets you be yourself this season. Whatever the image you want to present to the world, jewelry exists to help you construct the look. Layers of beads in multiple colors and sizes display a Bohemian style. Put up your hair, wear some vintage pattern earrings and add a pretty charm bracelet to create an aura of romance. Of course, if you just love the color orange, you can find some orange fashion jewelry to elevate your mood when you dress for a rainy day. Self-expression is the best part of fashion. Fashion  jewelry features the unique design that add interest to everyday clothes. It also accentuates your personal style.

christmas jewelry
christmas jewelry

Fashion necklaces and bracelets often feature beautiful, multicolored patterns. Many designs resemble fabric patterns like floral or animal prints. The patterns may be formed during the manufacturing process or painted on by hand. Art glass beads feature patterns on the interior and exterior of the glass. Patterns add personality to an outfit, whether you like feminine rose patterns or vintage polka-dot designs.

christmas jewelry

You can also have your jewelry be the focus of your look. Wearing an oversized pendant or chunky earring is a great way to accessorize a conservative blouse and pair of slacks. When you want to show off an extra large, very bright or just very noticeable necklace or choker, keep the rest of your outfit simple to heighten the visual impact. Check out top cyber monday deals 2014 for Christmas jewelry deals at http://www.tbdress.com/Topic/Cyber-Monday-Jewelry-Deals-8-100543/

Don’t be boring. You have plenty of fashion jewelry to make that outfit shine. A large bangle adds a splash of color, and petite crystal earrings create some sparkling light around the face. Whenever you update your wardrobe with new clothes, handbags and other accessories, look for inexpensive jewelry to expand the style options of each outfit.

Trendy jewelry and accessories are available in-stores and online too, check out http://www.tbdress.com/Topic/Christmas-Jewelry-Deals-25-100543/ Fashion jewelry is designed to be worn with just about anything so go ahead and have fun experimenting with it.