Chase & Chaeli

Marc Brown once said “Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a hero Super hero. Chase has always been Chaeli’s hero. Being an only child for almost four years, he has been praying for a sibling to play with ever since. His prayer was answered on December 2011 when Chaeli was born.


Chase loves to be a big brother. He has helped me in taking care of Chaeli since she was born. It’s as if he was preparing for it his whole life. Growing up, Chaeli regarded his big brother Chase as a hero. She would even mimic everything his brother would do. She looks up to him and wanted to be like him when she grows up.


Chase is always there for Chaeli whenever she needs to reach for a toy, get some food in the fridge and even cheer her up when she’s sad. Chaeli on the other hand, is always there to make her big brother feel loved and needed.

I hope Chase and Chaeli’s love for each other stays the same if not grows even stronger as they grow up


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