Joint party celebration with Jollibee!

Initially, this party was intended to celebrate only Chaeli’s 3rd birthday. Since Chase made it clear he doesn’t want any party for his 7th birthday but a trip to Disneyland. ( we all know he is just choosing a better deal 😉 So, we all agreed to just make it a joint party celebration for the two of them (They are both born in December). I wanted it to be just a simple party and not extravagant at all. We chose Jollibee Global city branch since most our relatives are from that area and we thought it was the most accessible branch to everyone. Why Jollibee? Because Chaeli wants and loves him! I guess every filipino kid for that matter.

You can book the party online and call them directly for any additional request or concern. This is an advantage for me since we are based in Cabuyao and It would cost us a lot if we need to visit the branch everytime I have request or concern (which are plenty haha). My only wish is for them to have a bigger and spacious party place because for 120 pax crowd we really looked cramped.

Let’s start with our suppliers. I booked a balloon decorator for the ceiling hanging balloons and two tower for the standee’s. You can check them out at I chose the cheapest package since I don’t want to cramp the space further with balloons. They were two hours early and was able to set-up in less than 15 minutes.

Next is our Balloon Master Nhell! I got him from Balloonboy creation. for our party and we are beyond satisfied with his service. He was 2 hours early and as soon as the party started he made every one happy with his awesome balloon creations- truly a balloon master! He did it for two hours non-stop without complain (He even insisted to make his food wait to accommodate everyone’s request) Kids just cant get enough of his creation.

Look at Chase trying out his own balloon jet pack!

Let’s not forgot who brought glitz and glam to the party – Kiddie Salon by Nail brat! Check them out at They set-up early (even on venue two hours ahead), accommodate guests courteously, done amazing braids, beautiful tattoos, and sparkling nails- for the whole two hours non-stop without complain! Great job and awesome service.

They start with showering Chaeli their undivided attention making her pretty and making her feel special on her special day. Chaeli sure doesn’t want to ruin her sparkling nails, she won’t close her hands nor her fingers! haha

Lastly, The “giveaways”.

For Chase & Chaeli’s godparents. We ordered personalized pillow from Jesh Force Enterprises c/o Jen Dugay. She offered the cheapest yet quality personalized pillows online. I ordered twice for additional orders because ever since I posted a preview of it, many wanted to have one of their own. 🙂

For the kid’s mini tool caddy, I ordered them a month before from Handicrafts Atbp. While the loot boxes came from ERS printing. You can search for their pages in Facebook.

Oh I almost forgot! The birthday cake! The kids loved the Lego movie theme cake from Sugar MOM. Check out her facebook page here

Everyone had a blast with Jollibee as he and Hetty entertained us with a dance towards the end of the party. They also gestured a message for the celebrants which the host translated for us. It was a memorable and fun-filled day for the kids and we are grateful to everyone who shared their precious time with us. You all made this simple party an extravagant one!


I’m back!

Guess who’s back from a long hibernation?! Me! So sorry to keep you all waiting.. I know I owe you so much from Chase’s 7th birthday in Hong Kong, Chase’s school party to the kid’s joint party celebration in Jollibee and know that I haven’t forgot all about them. 😉 December was a fun and frantic month for us. If I were to compute our stay at home, maybe it will be less than 10 days for the whole month! We spent the first week in HongKong, The second week preparing for Chase’s school exam, the third week in Baguio City (10 hours drive from home) and the final week in Manila for the kid’s joint birthday party. Then we spend the new year in my husband’s hometown in Cavite. So there! No wonder our utility bills’ went down to almost 70%. 🙂 I hope everyone had a memorable and joyous holidays like us. Happy New year 2015!