Hair Clips Styles

Hair clips styles change often, but there are some that never go out of style. Current trends are relatively timeless so those who kept their hair clips from years ago can get some use out of them again. Vintage and classic styles are trending and they work for people of all ages and style personalities. Whether someone prefers a major statement piece or something more subtle, it is important to understand how the pieces work for particular hairstyles.

1 Metallic Hair Clips
Metallic Hair Clips

Metallic hair clips allow someone to add a bit of edge to their look. Metallic hair accessories can add edge to a feminine look. They work with all hairstyles and come in a wide range of sizes that accommodate most hair types. Metallic claw clips are some of the most popular options because they range greatly in size and style, ensuring an option for everyone.

2 Bow Hair Barrettes
Bow Hair Barrettes

Bow barrettes give simple hairstyles a distinctly feminine touch. For example, adding this type of barrette to a basic ponytail can make it elegant rather than sporty. This is a great timesaving option for those on the go because they can obtain a great, flirty style in minutes. Bow barrettes look great for both full ponytails or at the end of braids. The trendy bows are about 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall so they do not distract from the overall hairstyle.

3 Bobby Hair Clips
Bobby Hair Clips

Bobby clips are classic and have been around for decades. Current bobby hair clips have embellishments that make them a bit fancier and more sophisticated. Jewels, flowers, and patterns adorn current bobby clip trends making them stand out more than the standard gold or black ones of the past. However, these standard colors still have their place, as they are subtle, making them ideal for sophisticated updos. The embellished versions make a statement and add flair to any hairstyle. Consider a no-slip grip for fine hair so the clips stay in place.

4 Jewel Hair Clips
Jewel Hair Clips

Jewel hair clips come in a variety of styles with jewels that really make a splash. The most popular styles display mock diamonds, pearls, or colored gemstones. These are set on bars, often shaped like butterflies, dragonflies, or flowers. The clips are usually barrette style and smaller in size, making them a good option for an up-down style. However, jeweled claw clips and flamingo clips are also available for those looking for jewel clips for a complete updo style. The jewels make these hair accessories a good option for dressy events, including weddings and other formal evening events, because they add a bit of sophistication and elegance to a look. It is best to match the jewels in the hair clips to other jewelry pieces for a streamlined look.

5 Plastic Hair Clips
Plastic Hair Clips

Plastic hair clips come in a wide array of styles, colors, and sizes. They vary in terms of the type of hairstyle and hair type they work best for. Understanding the types of hair each clip works best for allows the consumer to find the perfect plastic hair clips


Summer Hairstyles

When the hot summer sun starts beating down, women look for a myriad of ways to stay cool through the sizzling temperatures. Light tank tops, strappy sandals, flowing sundresses, and flimsy skirts do the trick in the apparel department, but finding the right hairstyle can be an entirely different story. Keeping hair off the neck and shoulders is the key to staying cool, and doing so stylishly ensures you feel great and look great at the same time.


1. The Pixie Cut

Spread some fairy dust and cool off with a classic pixie haircut or one of its many variations. Wear a longer pixie slicked back, or ask for a layered cut with short waves you can hold back with a hair clip. Many celebrities have sported this cool style, including Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and Halle Berry. If year-round short hair is not your thing, grow the cut out when cooler weather arrives, and get it chopped off again in time for next summer.

2. The Reverse Bob

Keep your neck cool with a reverse bob (also known as an inverted bob) cut that leaves longer layers around the sides to frame the face but keeps the neck bare during steaming summer months. Add highlights that catch the sun’s rays to enhance the look, and sweep hair back from the face with decorative pins on the hottest days. Give the back a bit more dimension with styling products to create a tousled look. The stacked style gives the back of the hair more body but keeps you cool when you need it most.

3. The Messy Topknot

Perfect for women who love long hair, the messy topknot is simple to produce at a moment’s notice and does not require a special cut to keep you cool in the summer. Create this look by flipping your hair over and blow drying it to add extra body. Then, pull the hair into a high ponytail using an elastic hair band. Twist the ponytail into a knot, and hold it in place with bobby pins. For a variation on the look, divide the ponytail into three sections, and wrap each section around the ponytail’s base for added volume and dimension.

4. The Classic Ponytail

Wear an elastic ponytail holder around your wrist as a bracelet, and pull your hair back into a simple ponytail anytime it gets too hot. Wear the ponytail low or high, or even keep two hair bands on your wrist and create pigtails for an old-fashioned look that is sure to keep you cool and turn heads. For a variation on the pigtail or ponytail look, braid a section of hair and wrap it around the base of the tail.

5. The Wavy Bob

The length of this cut keeps you cool, and the waves offer a stylish look. Even if you have straight hair, waves are easy to create with a bit of overnight preparation. Spread a small amount of styling gel through wet hair, and then place the damp tresses in pin curls overnight. Go to bed without worrying about the next day’s style, and just remove the pins in the morning. Once the curls are loose, run your fingers through your hair for a wonderfully wavy look that lasts all day.

Women’s Hats


Most women have worn a hat at some point in their lives. Hats are both functional and fashionable. Different hats have various uses and looks, such as:

Hat Type


Good For

Baseball cap Causal hat, with a wide front brim and adjustable strap Keeping the sun out of one’s eyes
Knit cap Tight-fitting hat with no brim that is used for keeping warm Cold winter months
Floppy hat Large, dramatic hat that features a floppy brim around the entire circumference and a round hat Beachwear
Cowboy hat Cowboy hats are large and structured, with a curved brim around the circumference Riding horses
Cloche hat Bell-shaped hat, popular in the 1920s Dressing up a daytime look
Beret A traditional French-style hat is often re-vamped for a modern, female audience Adding style to a nighttime ensemble
Newsboy hat This traditional short-brimmed, squared-shaped hat has also been re-worked for a modern, female audience Adding flair to a casual look

Not all hats are appropriate for every situation. For example, a woman probably wouldn’t wear a knit cap in the middle of summer. Additionally, not every hat style fits everyone’s body type and head shape.

Women’s wig


A great-looking wig can instantly transform a woman’s style. Some women use wigs on a regular basis to switch up their looks and save time on hair styling. Others just wear a wig on a special occasion. In any event, women can choose from human or synthetic hair.

Human Hair Wigs

A human hair wig is the most natural looking wig. Made from genuine human hair, these wigs can be styled and washed just like regular hair. As human hair wigs are the highest quality, they are also the most expensive.

Synthetic Hair

Women shopping on a budget should consider a synthetic hair wig. Good quality wigs can resemble a human hair kind. However, women cannot typically style synthetic wigs the same way. For example, a person wouldn’t want to use a curling iron or flat iron on a synthetic wig.

Costume Wigs

Women that need an outrageous wig for a costume party, Halloween, or theatrical performance should look for a costume wig. Buyers can find brightly colored wigs in green, pink, or blue for a funky costume. Speciality wig shops may have wigs that help a performer look as though she is from another era.

Women’s Hair Accessories

A huge part of being stylish is wearing the right accessories. Hip, fashionable hair accessories can help women dress up or dress down any look. Hair accessories range from simple ponytail holders to intricate headbands. A wig, barrette, feather, or flower can jazz up any look.

When buying hair accessories, first determine the specific need and the style. Some women simply need a ponytail holder to use while exercising. Other women want to pump up their style with a fashion-forward hat. Search for the right accessory to match a woman’s unique style. With so many hair accessories available, it won’t be hard to find the right one. To find hair accessories, try looking in a department store, pharmacy, or salon. Alternatively, consumers might use the Internet to shop on eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace.

Ponytail Holder

One of the most basic women’s hair accessories is the ponytail holder. Used to tie back long hair into a ponytail or into pigtails, the ponytail holder is also known as a bobble, hair tie, or ponytailer. They can be simple or complex, brightly colored or black. Ponytail holders are typically round, stretchy objects that can easily be secured around hair. There are several different varieties.

Elastic Hair Ties

For everyday wear, women might consider an elastic hair tie. Traditionally, elastic hair ties were black and used a metal hook to hold the elastic together in a loop. Nowadays, many elastic ponytail holders are glued together, so the metal piece does not get caught in a woman’s hair. Buyers can find brightly colored hair ties in pink, blue, green, and more, or simple neutral ties in black, white, tan, and brown.


A fabric-covered elastic hair tie, the scrunchie was very popular in the 1990s. The scrunchie’s name comes from the “scrunched” fabric that covers the elastic, which creates a wavy effect. Scrunchies can be bold or simple. Some are beaded, crocheted, and be-dazzled while others are made from simple pieces of white or black fabric.

Ribbons and Bows

Hair ribbons and bows can either have an elastic ponytail holder attached to the ribbons or they can be simple ribbons that tie around a separate hair tie. Ribbons add extra flair to an ensemble. They are frequently used by young girls and cheerleaders in particular.


Barrettes , or hair clips, are usually made of metal or plastic. They are used to hold back a small section of hair. Barrettes open and slip over the section of hair, and then clip over the back of the hair. Most women use a hair clip to hold back a front piece of their hair or to slick back a front section of hair.


Many barrettes have small bows attached to the front. A bow barrette adds extra style. They look fantastic on young girls and the young at heart. Consumers can simple bows in pink, blue, and other pastels, or more intricate bows with polka dots, stripes, and flowers attached.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a special type of discrete barrette. While other hair clips may be notably stylish, bobby pins are thin, metal clips that simply slide over a small section of hair. They are meant to blend into a woman’s hair and not be noticed. Bobby pins are often used as part of a more elaborate hairstyle, for example a wedding look, or to help slick back hair. Dancers often use bobby pins during performances. Bobby pins are also useful for daily looks, if a woman’s hair doesn’t fit back in a ponytail. In these cases, bobby pins can be used on either side of the ponytail to secure the loose pieces.


Headbands are both functional and stylish. They slide over the front part of a woman’s head to keep hair off the face. Headbands are used by both younger and older women. Designer headbands often make a proud fashion statement.

Soft Headbands

Soft headbands are pieces of elastic that may be covered in soft fabric. Soft headbands are often used to keep hair off the face when sleeping, to hold back hair inside of a wig, or to keep hair off the face while exercising. They are also useful when applying a face mask or makeup. Soft headbands are typically less of a fashion statement and more practical. Generally quite simple, consumers can find soft headbands in a small selection of colors, such as grey, black, purple, and white.

Hard Headbands

Horseshoe-shaped headbands, hard headbands provide style and help keep hair out of women’s faces. Sometimes known as Alice bands, hard headbands can be very thin or very thick. Typically, a piece of fabric covers a molded piece of plastic, which creates the form. On occasion, a hard headband will not have fabric surrounding the plastic. Some hard headbands have flowers or bows attached on top. Alice headbands have an iconic look that has remained fashionable since the early 20th century. The Burberry headband is a classic, designer look for young women.

Head Wraps

Some headbands don’t slip over the forehead. Instead, front head wraps fit around the circumference of the entire head. They rest on the wearer’s forehead. A common example of a head wrap is a sweatband, used to keep the sweat from an athlete’s eyes. Women often wear fashionable head wraps for a bohemian look. Often, boho headbands will have beads and other funky details. Some head wraps even have parts that dangle down in between the eyes.

Other head wraps are larger and resemble a soft headband. In many cases, these head wraps are very large and tie down behind the woman’s hair. These head wraps can be very dramatic and feature bold patterns.

Dress Up Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe looking too bland?

It should come as no surprise that the busier we are, the less we focus on putting together the “perfect” outfit.  Often that leads to running out the door in a basic t-shirt and jeans.

Of course there’s nothing at all wrong with a t-shirt and jeans (I might even call that my official uniform), but there are simple and inexpensive ways to dress up even the most boring white t-shirt.  And the best part?  Accessorizing is fast and easy, and ridiculously versatile.  Just throw on a statement piece (or two) as you’re heading out the door and you’ll automatically look more put-together.  You’ll also get much more mileage out of your basic pieces, because you’ll have countless ways to accessorize them differently.


Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to dress up any outfit.  Gone are the days when a pretty necklace required a special dress or blouse – today’s statement necklaces are the perfect companion for a solid t-shirt or top, and work great even with jeans.  Not feeling that bold?  Dress it up a little more quietly with cute earrings or bracelets.


Scarves are another great way to fancy-up even the most bland items in your wardrobe.  Whether you want something subtle to coordinate with a printed top, orsomething more bold to add print to your outfit, the possibilities are endless.  And scarves aren’t just for winter – most fashion scarves are made with very thin material, so they’re welcome on even the warmest summer days.

Hair Accessories

If you’d rather draw attention all the way to the top, grab a cute hair accessory!  There are so many cute headbands to choose from, as well as scarves made specifically for your hair.  Also consider ahat – with so many fashionable hat styles, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your outfit.


Belts are a great way to add definition to your waist while adding a pop of color to your outfit (coordinating or contrasting!).  Look for a slim belt to add a little something extra, or go for a bold, wide beltfor a more dramatic addition.  If you’re feeling fancy, consider a bow belt – they’re a great way to add a little (or a lot of) feminine flair to your wardrobe.

Get creative!

There are so many different ways to dress up your outfits, whether you simply add a pretty statement necklace, or if you put together a full ensemble.  The options are limitless!  Check out our full Collection to see other fun accessories you can incorporate into your daily wardrobe.

Transportation Accessories for Babies

Getting a little one from place to place will be a breeze with the right equipment. Baby carriers and car seats top the list in this section for items that will be essential for transporting the child to various locations such as to doctor visits and visits to family and friends.

Baby Carriers

An ergonomic baby carrier is a must for any new parent because it allows one or both hands to be free to carry other essential items while providing a safe transportation method for the child. There are many types available that are both ergonomic for the parent and comfortable for the child.

If a parent chooses a sling baby carrier,, then it is important to look for one that will easily adjust to the size of the child. This type of child carrier should include strong shoulder, chest, and waist straps for the wearer that are easily customizable for transporting the baby safely and still be comfortable for the parent to wear. There are also baby carrier models that are designed to be carried by hand.

Car Seats

Prior to picking up the newborn from the hospital a baby car seat must be purchased. Many medical facilities will not allow parents to transport a baby home without a car seat. The car seat must be able to meet or exceed guidelines required for safe transport. Many car seats are also designed to be used as carriers, but be careful when choosing one for both transportation methods as not all carriers are designed to be car seats.

A car seat should have a five-point harness. A five-point harness is comprised of five straps. Two of the straps will help secure the shoulders of the child, two more straps will help secure the hips, and the final strap will be at the crotch. It is the combination of these five straps that will ensure that the baby is securely fastened inside the car seat. The car seat should also allow sufficient room for the seat belt to strap the car seat securely to the seat of the vehicle as well. See the table below for guidance before purchasing an infant car seat.

Age of Child

Car Seat Type


Newborn to 3 years of age Rear-facing car seat only Rear-facing car seat until age 3 or until height and weight meet car seat manufacturer’s specifications for safe restraint
Ages 4 to 7 Forward-facing car seat with harness or convertible car seat Forward-facing car seat when child reaches age 4 or exceeds the height and weight specifications of car seat manufacturer
Ages 8 to 12 Booster seat with belt Used when child exceeds recommended height and weight specifications of car seat manufacturer but still do not meet seat belt requirements
12 years of age and up Seat belt Standard seat belt rules apply

As the table shows, it is best for an infant to be in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible.


Another baby accessory that many parents choose to purchase is the baby stroller . There are various models that can be purchased that are both lightweight and compact for easy storage and transportation. This is an essential item for parents because as the child grows they will become much heavier to carry for longer periods of time. Having a stroller also gives the parents a way to store items safely in the compartments that are provided on the stroller.

The parents should make sure that the stroller has a durable and safe strap and that the seat of the stroller is free of any material that would pinch the baby when strapped inside the stroller. The handle and wheels should be sturdy and safe and of the correct design. There are several kinds of strollers available, from double and triple strollers tojogging strollers with special wheels. The stroller should also provide adequate cover from the harmful rays of the sun and be sturdy enough to hold a diaper bag and other accessories without tipping over.