Sofa cleaners

When was the last time you clean your sofa? Perhaps you have been avoiding cleaning it because you’re busy, cannot afford an upholster cleaner or just have no idea how to clean them. News flash! It can be done with in less than 5 minutes (depending on the size) and you don’t need to hire a professional. You just need two reliable products to help you get the job done. Let me share these two cleaner I found in ACE hardware. I have a combination of cloth and leather sofa so I need two different products for each. The glade powder helps me eliminate odors in the cloth while the Wizz spray keeps off the molds in the leather part. I haven’t tried any product just yet aside from these two so I cannot compare. But they work incredibly well for me. If you have other reliable products to suggest, do let me know. Each product cost around $4 and would lasts for more than three months for me (twice a week cleaning)



To use :

  • Just spread the Glade powder on the sofa and leave it for 15 minutes. Vacuum the powder after and make sure no residue is left.
  • Spray the Wizz leather spray on leather surfaces and let the leather absorb it for a few seconds. Then Wipe it off with a clean cloth or paper.

DIY decorated mirror


This is a $2 mirror I bought in a local department store. My kids accidentaly bumped this off the wall which broken the upper part of it. It started with a small crack but it grows longer and longer so I just decided to completely cut that portion off and replaced it with my son’s portrait 🙂 I added different shapes of white stickers on it to give it life. Now it serves as  a beautiful wall decor above my staircase.


Wall stickers part two

Hi everyone! In my previous post I shared how I use wall decals to decorate my bare walls in the living, bathroom and kitchen. Now I found another great deal of stickers that is perfect in our family bedroom. Although this type of stickers are not reusable, they are cheaper and would cost less than $2 per design. I only intend to use them temporarily while I am on hunt for a better wall decor. For now I’ll let my kids enjoy and watch their beautiful creation using them. I gave them their own personal wall to design and they each had a lot of fun!


Mickey mouse with letters stickers for Chase. I let him use his creativity in decorating his personal wall. 😉



This is Chaeli’s personal wall. I bought larger stickers for her so she won’t have a hard time putting them on. She is in awe and just stares at it for a whole minute!

Wall decals

After almost five years of staying at my mom’s place, we have finally got our own home. Not grandeur or fancy but big enough for two little kids, petite mom and tall daddy 🙂

We are slowly furnishing it with furniture and appliances and so far we’re almost complete! Although my dream wall frame decor is too much on our budget right now, I found a great alternative to decorate my bare walls. By wall decals! They are cheap easy to assemble and remove plus won’t ruin or chip your wall paint in the future. I bought them for less $5 per design. Here they are:

The decal of cat and spring tree is perfect for my white painted wall. See it right under the stairs.

The decal of cat and spring tree is perfect for my white painted wall. See it right under the stairs.

Wall decals to flower up my bathroom :)

Wall decals to flower up my bathroom 🙂

Inspired by our bathroom door decal :)

Inspired by our bathroom door decal 🙂


Our home is just 40 sq m small so I really can’t buy large or bulky decor to it. Wall decals are a great and cheap way to decorate and liven up our home without crowding our space.