Reading is fun!

Chase & Chaeli loves to read on animals!

Chase & Chaeli loves to read on animals!

While having our grocery shopping yesterday, my kids saw these books and asked me to buy it for them. I usually answer no to whatever it is that’s not included in my list. Only these are books so I really can’t say no to educational stuff not to mention they’re on sale! They cost roughly $8 altogether. Such a steal considering two of them are encyclopedias.

Reading to children especially toddlers culminate a foundation for independent reading later on. The more you read to them, the better they will learn to read on their own. I don’t focus on the alphabet just yet, I’m more focused on their comprehension skills and their recognition of cause and effect in the stories.

My husband and I read to them before going to bed or if we have nothing else to do 🙂 Most of the time we make up our own story to tell and even make them lead a plot. They can choose a book they want or ask a random question to their Dad. If we ran out of stories we google some fable and tales even myths. We use animated voices to catch their attention and ask them after for their own version. Chase usually has extra stories from his dad because he loves  adventurous type and thriller stories which Chaeli doesn’t appreciate yet. photo 1

Chaeli has shorter attention span than Chase and most of time she just want to point at the pictures and ask me what they were. She listens only if she’s still interested and will make you repeat it a thousand times if she is so into it. haha ABCs and reading can be taught in school so it doesn’t matter if they are not ahead in reading or academics when they enter pre-school. Love for learning is what I want to develop and making reading fun is one way for them to enjoy and never grew tired learning. I hope. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Reading is fun!

  1. I really made an effort to encourage my son to read while he was little coz I believe it’s important to raise a reader. He’s 8 now, and he’s already reading books with long chapters. I couldn’t be prouder.


  2. this is why I tend to give more books to my daughter (and to my niece/nephews and even inaanaks), it really helps them become more imaginative, creative, and really has an impact towards their study ethics once they grow old


  3. I think it’s a great idea to get children to start reading at a young age. I try to read to my 2 year old nephew as much as I can too but his attention span is quite short, lol. Oh well; trial and error I suppose 😀


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