Academic competition for kids


Chase with his fellow quiz bee participants

Some say competition has negative effects especially for kids. Because it commonly depicts one hailing winner above a field of disappointed losers. Some parents thought it is not healthy for their kids to take nor constructive to their development just yet.

That was my first thought when I received the letter from my son’s teacher informing us that he is selected to represent their school to compete in an upcoming quiz bee competition. Worries and fears quickly ran through my head.. What happens if he loses? Can his heart take it? How will I encourage him without putting pressure on him? What if he gets tired and fed up from studying? Is he really ready for it?

Fortunately everything turned out well for us. My son and his team mates enjoyed their review classes and were able to quickly learn their lessons in just a couple of weeks. Chase was able to gain new friends and because of that he never felt he was competing but instead just advancing his lessons.

I realize the whole experience for him would be beneficial and that includes winning or even losing in the competition. Life is after-all a series of winning and losing at one point or another. The pressure set upon them pushes their limits and inspire them to develop and explore additional skills. Competition provides motivation to achieve a goal, instills the value of team work and perseverance to overcome challenges.

Chase and his teammate Gian as champions in the recent CAPRISA Science quiz bee competition

Chase and his teammate Gian as champions in the recent CAPRISA Science quiz bee competition


8 thoughts on “Academic competition for kids

  1. Yay, congrats to your kiddo for rising up to that challenge. I know what you mean about all the worries that come with experiences that challenge our kids, just like this one. And I totally commend you for stepping aside and allowing him to go through it! I’m sure you both are super glad for all the learning and growing up that happened in the process. 🙂


  2. Congratulations to your son and his team. I’m also afraid of competition, I grew up in a competitive environment and during my elementary and high school days. I’m the one who get affected when my son get low grades or when I’m expecting more than the usual.


  3. i feel you about having second thoughts in letting your son join the competition, but i guess it does have its advantages + disadvantages + what is more important is that he enjoyed + learned immensely from his experience.



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