Why I have well behaved kids

I am lucky to have a well-behaved eldest son. He never put on a tantrum. He knows how to pack his toys away at age 2 and has never broken a toy. I remember when I accidentally tore a page in his book while reading it to him, he looked dismayed and disappointed on me. Haha I said sorry and promised to put a transparent tape on it so it will look whole again and he answered with a smile. He was never loud or noisy. You can call him timid but he is not shy to join in parlor games nor dance in public when asked to.

I’ve always wished his younger sister would turned out as easy to raise as his big brother. To my surprise, she is the exact opposite of him. She is witty and outspoken. She knows want she wants and will push her limit to get it. She tests everyone’s patience in a cute way. Oh well, no two kids are alike and I love them both so much!

People are asking me how I discipline my kids and how I keep them composed on public (except when Chaeli decided to throw a show) I am no expert on parenting and I am still learning to handle my patience too. But if I have to answer that question, I would say I know when to show my disappointment if I have to.

Some parents may argue that toddlers won’t understand the concept of discipline yet and will just feel remorseful on you for being angry. But I think as early as we can, we should instill the concept of authority and respect. I make an expectation clear and explain it well then I let them analyze it. Slowly, you’ll see that they’ll try to behave in a way that we’ve taught them.  I am not afraid to use my hand if I have to (good thing I haven’t done so) I develop their conscience when they’ve done something wrong and give them a chance to correct it. Tough love you may call it. Whatever it takes to raise them responsible and disciplined individual.

I also teach them the importance of prayer and God in our lives. Don’t get me wrong though, I am a fun loving mom most of time, teaching crafts and colors, letting themselves make a mess and play, reading stories with animated voice but I’m also a tough mom when I see that they’re becoming out of hand.I make them believe in Santa Claus and the reward of good being a good kid.

This is a picture of Chaeli emptying the drawers while Chase patiently putting them back :)

This is a picture of Chaeli emptying the drawers while Chase patiently putting them back 🙂

Right now, I teach Chase to be a responsible and kind big brother to Chaeli. I tell him that Chaeli needs his guidance and company. We practice “lead by example” at home and Chase sets a good example to Chaeli. I hope he never gets tired though and Chaeli picks up faster haha. and if by any chance I may be getting a little too hard on them, I’m confident they’ll always have their Dad (Acting as a cool and spoiler one) and a bunch of grandparents to balance their life 🙂




7 thoughts on “Why I have well behaved kids

  1. The simplest way to step up your etiquette: Use those oft-neglected magic words as frequently and as early as possible. “From the very first diaper you change, you should be saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you.“Sit down as a family often,” she advises. “This is where your child not only learns table manners, but conversation skills—as well as your values.


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