Vintage prom dresses

I love vintage style dresses because they are classy and never goes out of style. That is why I recommend this to all girls for their upcoming school dance. Vintage is one of the safest choicest of outfits to wear at the prom since the designs are timeless. Want to look sophisticated girl with a chic style in a Vintage Prom Dresses? Check out

vintage prom dresses
vintage prom dresses
vintage prom dresses

In the early 80s, prom dresses worn by young ladies were very appealing and fashionable. Majority of the girls wore a long gown that nearly touched their ankles and the floor. The dresses brought out their innocence and sweetness when they began to walk in the ballroom. Young ladies often changed their dress in harmony with the type of music aired at the prom. In this decade, disco music was a hit. The prom dresses would vary in colors, shapes, and designs in accordance to the inclination and body figure of the wearer. Silk, velvet, and satin belonged to the most usual textiles for prom dresses. They were sheared with admirable stitching, lace, and pearls. And this surely revealed the most captivating look of a young lady.

Vintage prom wear from the eighties looked fabulous and cater to the classic hourglass figure. The key is to choose the right gown that suits your body type and inner wear that provides enough support. The 80s style varied from Ivory Lace Creations, Punk Prom Party Frocks, Ruffled Prom Dresses, and Strapless Taffetas. These were joined by the Polka Dot Bowed Prom Dresses, the Vintage Lace Wiggle Backless Promenade Dresses, and Floral Knee Length Gowns.

As exciting as the prospect of prom is, it also brings about plenty of worries and anxiety, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect dress. With so many dresses available on the market, deciding on color, fit, and style is often overwhelming. When a girl wants to look beautiful, finding the right dress is an important part in making the occasion one to remember. has vintage prom dresses under 100 dollars. Hurry and check them out.


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Tidebuy Lolita dresses

Lolita fashion can be quite expensive to buy and one has to really invest on it. They are made for special occasion and event to make one look stunning and doll-alike. I’ve recently been introduced to cosplay fashion such as Lolita dresses and became instantly curious and hooked on it. However as a newbie I don’t know where to start and what to look for.

Fortunately I stumbled upon Tidebuy’s lolita dresses! They all look stunning and uniquely stylish. Plus they are available at cheap prices because of their daily deals and sales. Although I must admit you won’t caught me wearing those on the mall or with my kids 😉 Because these dresses can really draw the crowd’s attention on you that easy. Let me show you some of these awesome dresses I found online.

This Red and Black Pleated Multi-layered Bowknot Ornament Collar Sleeveless Gothic Prom Dress is on sale for only $113.99

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Tidebuy Lolita dresses has a large number of styles to choose from Tidebuy Lolita dress, Tidebuy gothic Lolita dress, Tidebuy white Lolita dress, Tidebuy cheap Lolita dress, Tidebuy pink Lolita dress, Tidebuy classic Lolita dress, Tidebuy blue Lolita dress and Tidebuy sweet Lolita dress. It is said that the sweeter styles tend to appeal to younger Lolitas, and Classic and Gothic may feel more natural for older Lolitas. So don’t forget to visit and choose one that suits your unique style.

Jewelry for fashion

Christmas jewelries lets you be yourself this season. Whatever the image you want to present to the world, jewelry exists to help you construct the look. Layers of beads in multiple colors and sizes display a Bohemian style. Put up your hair, wear some vintage pattern earrings and add a pretty charm bracelet to create an aura of romance. Of course, if you just love the color orange, you can find some orange fashion jewelry to elevate your mood when you dress for a rainy day. Self-expression is the best part of fashion. Fashion  jewelry features the unique design that add interest to everyday clothes. It also accentuates your personal style.

christmas jewelry
christmas jewelry

Fashion necklaces and bracelets often feature beautiful, multicolored patterns. Many designs resemble fabric patterns like floral or animal prints. The patterns may be formed during the manufacturing process or painted on by hand. Art glass beads feature patterns on the interior and exterior of the glass. Patterns add personality to an outfit, whether you like feminine rose patterns or vintage polka-dot designs.

christmas jewelry

You can also have your jewelry be the focus of your look. Wearing an oversized pendant or chunky earring is a great way to accessorize a conservative blouse and pair of slacks. When you want to show off an extra large, very bright or just very noticeable necklace or choker, keep the rest of your outfit simple to heighten the visual impact. Check out top cyber monday deals 2014 for Christmas jewelry deals at

Don’t be boring. You have plenty of fashion jewelry to make that outfit shine. A large bangle adds a splash of color, and petite crystal earrings create some sparkling light around the face. Whenever you update your wardrobe with new clothes, handbags and other accessories, look for inexpensive jewelry to expand the style options of each outfit.

Trendy jewelry and accessories are available in-stores and online too, check out Fashion jewelry is designed to be worn with just about anything so go ahead and have fun experimenting with it.

Hair Clips Styles

Hair clips styles change often, but there are some that never go out of style. Current trends are relatively timeless so those who kept their hair clips from years ago can get some use out of them again. Vintage and classic styles are trending and they work for people of all ages and style personalities. Whether someone prefers a major statement piece or something more subtle, it is important to understand how the pieces work for particular hairstyles.

1 Metallic Hair Clips
Metallic Hair Clips

Metallic hair clips allow someone to add a bit of edge to their look. Metallic hair accessories can add edge to a feminine look. They work with all hairstyles and come in a wide range of sizes that accommodate most hair types. Metallic claw clips are some of the most popular options because they range greatly in size and style, ensuring an option for everyone.

2 Bow Hair Barrettes
Bow Hair Barrettes

Bow barrettes give simple hairstyles a distinctly feminine touch. For example, adding this type of barrette to a basic ponytail can make it elegant rather than sporty. This is a great timesaving option for those on the go because they can obtain a great, flirty style in minutes. Bow barrettes look great for both full ponytails or at the end of braids. The trendy bows are about 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall so they do not distract from the overall hairstyle.

3 Bobby Hair Clips
Bobby Hair Clips

Bobby clips are classic and have been around for decades. Current bobby hair clips have embellishments that make them a bit fancier and more sophisticated. Jewels, flowers, and patterns adorn current bobby clip trends making them stand out more than the standard gold or black ones of the past. However, these standard colors still have their place, as they are subtle, making them ideal for sophisticated updos. The embellished versions make a statement and add flair to any hairstyle. Consider a no-slip grip for fine hair so the clips stay in place.

4 Jewel Hair Clips
Jewel Hair Clips

Jewel hair clips come in a variety of styles with jewels that really make a splash. The most popular styles display mock diamonds, pearls, or colored gemstones. These are set on bars, often shaped like butterflies, dragonflies, or flowers. The clips are usually barrette style and smaller in size, making them a good option for an up-down style. However, jeweled claw clips and flamingo clips are also available for those looking for jewel clips for a complete updo style. The jewels make these hair accessories a good option for dressy events, including weddings and other formal evening events, because they add a bit of sophistication and elegance to a look. It is best to match the jewels in the hair clips to other jewelry pieces for a streamlined look.

5 Plastic Hair Clips
Plastic Hair Clips

Plastic hair clips come in a wide array of styles, colors, and sizes. They vary in terms of the type of hairstyle and hair type they work best for. Understanding the types of hair each clip works best for allows the consumer to find the perfect plastic hair clips

Summer Hairstyles

When the hot summer sun starts beating down, women look for a myriad of ways to stay cool through the sizzling temperatures. Light tank tops, strappy sandals, flowing sundresses, and flimsy skirts do the trick in the apparel department, but finding the right hairstyle can be an entirely different story. Keeping hair off the neck and shoulders is the key to staying cool, and doing so stylishly ensures you feel great and look great at the same time.


1. The Pixie Cut

Spread some fairy dust and cool off with a classic pixie haircut or one of its many variations. Wear a longer pixie slicked back, or ask for a layered cut with short waves you can hold back with a hair clip. Many celebrities have sported this cool style, including Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and Halle Berry. If year-round short hair is not your thing, grow the cut out when cooler weather arrives, and get it chopped off again in time for next summer.

2. The Reverse Bob

Keep your neck cool with a reverse bob (also known as an inverted bob) cut that leaves longer layers around the sides to frame the face but keeps the neck bare during steaming summer months. Add highlights that catch the sun’s rays to enhance the look, and sweep hair back from the face with decorative pins on the hottest days. Give the back a bit more dimension with styling products to create a tousled look. The stacked style gives the back of the hair more body but keeps you cool when you need it most.

3. The Messy Topknot

Perfect for women who love long hair, the messy topknot is simple to produce at a moment’s notice and does not require a special cut to keep you cool in the summer. Create this look by flipping your hair over and blow drying it to add extra body. Then, pull the hair into a high ponytail using an elastic hair band. Twist the ponytail into a knot, and hold it in place with bobby pins. For a variation on the look, divide the ponytail into three sections, and wrap each section around the ponytail’s base for added volume and dimension.

4. The Classic Ponytail

Wear an elastic ponytail holder around your wrist as a bracelet, and pull your hair back into a simple ponytail anytime it gets too hot. Wear the ponytail low or high, or even keep two hair bands on your wrist and create pigtails for an old-fashioned look that is sure to keep you cool and turn heads. For a variation on the pigtail or ponytail look, braid a section of hair and wrap it around the base of the tail.

5. The Wavy Bob

The length of this cut keeps you cool, and the waves offer a stylish look. Even if you have straight hair, waves are easy to create with a bit of overnight preparation. Spread a small amount of styling gel through wet hair, and then place the damp tresses in pin curls overnight. Go to bed without worrying about the next day’s style, and just remove the pins in the morning. Once the curls are loose, run your fingers through your hair for a wonderfully wavy look that lasts all day.

Women’s Hats


Most women have worn a hat at some point in their lives. Hats are both functional and fashionable. Different hats have various uses and looks, such as:

Hat Type


Good For

Baseball cap Causal hat, with a wide front brim and adjustable strap Keeping the sun out of one’s eyes
Knit cap Tight-fitting hat with no brim that is used for keeping warm Cold winter months
Floppy hat Large, dramatic hat that features a floppy brim around the entire circumference and a round hat Beachwear
Cowboy hat Cowboy hats are large and structured, with a curved brim around the circumference Riding horses
Cloche hat Bell-shaped hat, popular in the 1920s Dressing up a daytime look
Beret A traditional French-style hat is often re-vamped for a modern, female audience Adding style to a nighttime ensemble
Newsboy hat This traditional short-brimmed, squared-shaped hat has also been re-worked for a modern, female audience Adding flair to a casual look

Not all hats are appropriate for every situation. For example, a woman probably wouldn’t wear a knit cap in the middle of summer. Additionally, not every hat style fits everyone’s body type and head shape.