Women’s Hats


Most women have worn a hat at some point in their lives. Hats are both functional and fashionable. Different hats have various uses and looks, such as:

Hat Type


Good For

Baseball cap Causal hat, with a wide front brim and adjustable strap Keeping the sun out of one’s eyes
Knit cap Tight-fitting hat with no brim that is used for keeping warm Cold winter months
Floppy hat Large, dramatic hat that features a floppy brim around the entire circumference and a round hat Beachwear
Cowboy hat Cowboy hats are large and structured, with a curved brim around the circumference Riding horses
Cloche hat Bell-shaped hat, popular in the 1920s Dressing up a daytime look
Beret A traditional French-style hat is often re-vamped for a modern, female audience Adding style to a nighttime ensemble
Newsboy hat This traditional short-brimmed, squared-shaped hat has also been re-worked for a modern, female audience Adding flair to a casual look

Not all hats are appropriate for every situation. For example, a woman probably wouldn’t wear a knit cap in the middle of summer. Additionally, not every hat style fits everyone’s body type and head shape.


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