Hair Clips Styles

Hair clips styles change often, but there are some that never go out of style. Current trends are relatively timeless so those who kept their hair clips from years ago can get some use out of them again. Vintage and classic styles are trending and they work for people of all ages and style personalities. Whether someone prefers a major statement piece or something more subtle, it is important to understand how the pieces work for particular hairstyles.

1 Metallic Hair Clips
Metallic Hair Clips

Metallic hair clips allow someone to add a bit of edge to their look. Metallic hair accessories can add edge to a feminine look. They work with all hairstyles and come in a wide range of sizes that accommodate most hair types. Metallic claw clips are some of the most popular options because they range greatly in size and style, ensuring an option for everyone.

2 Bow Hair Barrettes
Bow Hair Barrettes

Bow barrettes give simple hairstyles a distinctly feminine touch. For example, adding this type of barrette to a basic ponytail can make it elegant rather than sporty. This is a great timesaving option for those on the go because they can obtain a great, flirty style in minutes. Bow barrettes look great for both full ponytails or at the end of braids. The trendy bows are about 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall so they do not distract from the overall hairstyle.

3 Bobby Hair Clips
Bobby Hair Clips

Bobby clips are classic and have been around for decades. Current bobby hair clips have embellishments that make them a bit fancier and more sophisticated. Jewels, flowers, and patterns adorn current bobby clip trends making them stand out more than the standard gold or black ones of the past. However, these standard colors still have their place, as they are subtle, making them ideal for sophisticated updos. The embellished versions make a statement and add flair to any hairstyle. Consider a no-slip grip for fine hair so the clips stay in place.

4 Jewel Hair Clips
Jewel Hair Clips

Jewel hair clips come in a variety of styles with jewels that really make a splash. The most popular styles display mock diamonds, pearls, or colored gemstones. These are set on bars, often shaped like butterflies, dragonflies, or flowers. The clips are usually barrette style and smaller in size, making them a good option for an up-down style. However, jeweled claw clips and flamingo clips are also available for those looking for jewel clips for a complete updo style. The jewels make these hair accessories a good option for dressy events, including weddings and other formal evening events, because they add a bit of sophistication and elegance to a look. It is best to match the jewels in the hair clips to other jewelry pieces for a streamlined look.

5 Plastic Hair Clips
Plastic Hair Clips

Plastic hair clips come in a wide array of styles, colors, and sizes. They vary in terms of the type of hairstyle and hair type they work best for. Understanding the types of hair each clip works best for allows the consumer to find the perfect plastic hair clips


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