Women’s Hair Accessories

A huge part of being stylish is wearing the right accessories. Hip, fashionable hair accessories can help women dress up or dress down any look. Hair accessories range from simple ponytail holders to intricate headbands. A wig, barrette, feather, or flower can jazz up any look.

When buying hair accessories, first determine the specific need and the style. Some women simply need a ponytail holder to use while exercising. Other women want to pump up their style with a fashion-forward hat. Search for the right accessory to match a woman’s unique style. With so many hair accessories available, it won’t be hard to find the right one. To find hair accessories, try looking in a department store, pharmacy, or salon. Alternatively, consumers might use the Internet to shop on eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace.

Ponytail Holder

One of the most basic women’s hair accessories is the ponytail holder. Used to tie back long hair into a ponytail or into pigtails, the ponytail holder is also known as a bobble, hair tie, or ponytailer. They can be simple or complex, brightly colored or black. Ponytail holders are typically round, stretchy objects that can easily be secured around hair. There are several different varieties.

Elastic Hair Ties

For everyday wear, women might consider an elastic hair tie. Traditionally, elastic hair ties were black and used a metal hook to hold the elastic together in a loop. Nowadays, many elastic ponytail holders are glued together, so the metal piece does not get caught in a woman’s hair. Buyers can find brightly colored hair ties in pink, blue, green, and more, or simple neutral ties in black, white, tan, and brown.


A fabric-covered elastic hair tie, the scrunchie was very popular in the 1990s. The scrunchie’s name comes from the “scrunched” fabric that covers the elastic, which creates a wavy effect. Scrunchies can be bold or simple. Some are beaded, crocheted, and be-dazzled while others are made from simple pieces of white or black fabric.

Ribbons and Bows

Hair ribbons and bows can either have an elastic ponytail holder attached to the ribbons or they can be simple ribbons that tie around a separate hair tie. Ribbons add extra flair to an ensemble. They are frequently used by young girls and cheerleaders in particular.


Barrettes , or hair clips, are usually made of metal or plastic. They are used to hold back a small section of hair. Barrettes open and slip over the section of hair, and then clip over the back of the hair. Most women use a hair clip to hold back a front piece of their hair or to slick back a front section of hair.


Many barrettes have small bows attached to the front. A bow barrette adds extra style. They look fantastic on young girls and the young at heart. Consumers can simple bows in pink, blue, and other pastels, or more intricate bows with polka dots, stripes, and flowers attached.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a special type of discrete barrette. While other hair clips may be notably stylish, bobby pins are thin, metal clips that simply slide over a small section of hair. They are meant to blend into a woman’s hair and not be noticed. Bobby pins are often used as part of a more elaborate hairstyle, for example a wedding look, or to help slick back hair. Dancers often use bobby pins during performances. Bobby pins are also useful for daily looks, if a woman’s hair doesn’t fit back in a ponytail. In these cases, bobby pins can be used on either side of the ponytail to secure the loose pieces.


Headbands are both functional and stylish. They slide over the front part of a woman’s head to keep hair off the face. Headbands are used by both younger and older women. Designer headbands often make a proud fashion statement.

Soft Headbands

Soft headbands are pieces of elastic that may be covered in soft fabric. Soft headbands are often used to keep hair off the face when sleeping, to hold back hair inside of a wig, or to keep hair off the face while exercising. They are also useful when applying a face mask or makeup. Soft headbands are typically less of a fashion statement and more practical. Generally quite simple, consumers can find soft headbands in a small selection of colors, such as grey, black, purple, and white.

Hard Headbands

Horseshoe-shaped headbands, hard headbands provide style and help keep hair out of women’s faces. Sometimes known as Alice bands, hard headbands can be very thin or very thick. Typically, a piece of fabric covers a molded piece of plastic, which creates the form. On occasion, a hard headband will not have fabric surrounding the plastic. Some hard headbands have flowers or bows attached on top. Alice headbands have an iconic look that has remained fashionable since the early 20th century. The Burberry headband is a classic, designer look for young women.

Head Wraps

Some headbands don’t slip over the forehead. Instead, front head wraps fit around the circumference of the entire head. They rest on the wearer’s forehead. A common example of a head wrap is a sweatband, used to keep the sweat from an athlete’s eyes. Women often wear fashionable head wraps for a bohemian look. Often, boho headbands will have beads and other funky details. Some head wraps even have parts that dangle down in between the eyes.

Other head wraps are larger and resemble a soft headband. In many cases, these head wraps are very large and tie down behind the woman’s hair. These head wraps can be very dramatic and feature bold patterns.


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