Wall stickers part two

Hi everyone! In my previous post I shared how I use wall decals to decorate my bare walls in the living, bathroom and kitchen. Now I found another great deal of stickers that is perfect in our family bedroom. Although this type of stickers are not reusable, they are cheaper and would cost less than $2 per design. I only intend to use them temporarily while I am on hunt for a better wall decor. For now I’ll let my kids enjoy and watch their beautiful creation using them. I gave them their own personal wall to design and they each had a lot of fun!


Mickey mouse with letters stickers for Chase. I let him use his creativity in decorating his personal wall. 😉



This is Chaeli’s personal wall. I bought larger stickers for her so she won’t have a hard time putting them on. She is in awe and just stares at it for a whole minute!


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