Sofa cleaners

When was the last time you clean your sofa? Perhaps you have been avoiding cleaning it because you’re busy, cannot afford an upholster cleaner or just have no idea how to clean them. News flash! It can be done with in less than 5 minutes (depending on the size) and you don’t need to hire a professional. You just need two reliable products to help you get the job done. Let me share these two cleaner I found in ACE hardware. I have a combination of cloth and leather sofa so I need two different products for each. The glade powder helps me eliminate odors in the cloth while the Wizz spray keeps off the molds in the leather part. I haven’t tried any product just yet aside from these two so I cannot compare. But they work incredibly well for me. If you have other reliable products to suggest, do let me know. Each product cost around $4 and would lasts for more than three months for me (twice a week cleaning)



To use :

  • Just spread the Glade powder on the sofa and leave it for 15 minutes. Vacuum the powder after and make sure no residue is left.
  • Spray the Wizz leather spray on leather surfaces and let the leather absorb it for a few seconds. Then Wipe it off with a clean cloth or paper.

20 thoughts on “Sofa cleaners

  1. Agree! Definitely important to consistently clean your sofa especially with kids! This Glade cleaner looks especially nice might try it soon! 😀


  2. My mum cleans the sofa by using the leather oil… And she always put a cloth on top and stop my dad or brother from sitting on the sofa if they are not wearing any clothes as our body oil will stain and spoil the leather…


  3. Hey .. I’ve tried the Glade Powder and its really great at eliminating odour. I’ve never tried the “Wizz” but you can also try the Fabreeze Brand, they have a wide range of products


  4. That reminds me, we don’t really clean the sofa because what we do is change the covers once in a while. We just take the sofa covers to the cleaners so we don’t have to directly clean the sofa. It’s a good thing this works for you.


  5. I’m glad to read this as I’ve been thinking of cleaning the sofas to freshen then up from my cat jumping on them all the time. Good to know.


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