Are you the other woman?

We can’t always help who we fall for, but we can control our ACTIONS. Here’s my advice to all “other woman” and women to avoid being one.

1. Don’t take the bait! Even when he’s crossing the line between friendship and potential love, don’t let it get out of hand. You can’t control his actions but you can control yours. Resist believing his empty promises. The lines he feeds you are just that — Lines. Until he’s really done with his girl, there’s no you and him. Some guys just liked the thrill of flirting with another girl.

2. Demystify his personality. Are you putting him on a pedestal? If he’s your image of Mr. Perfect, it’s time to shatter the glass and see him for who he really is. Stop fixating on his good qualities and see him as an entire individual. Do not sell yourself short.

3. Find new people to hang out with. If you’re falling even harder because you’re always together if not always communicating. The solution is to move away and mean it. Don’t think of it as avoiding him. Think of it as exploring new worlds. Spend time with people who will keep your mind occupied and before you know it, he’s totally out of your system.

4. Confide in someone brutally honest. Sometimes it takes a hard shaking to get the feelings out of your system. I’m not saying you should set yourself up for a verbal battery, but talk t someone who will give you an honest feedback, Somebody elder than you or a mentor like priest or counselor. If you have a best-friend who loves you but know that will not tolerate you the better. Real friends are not afraid to crush you in order to save you.

5. Open yourself to dating. Find a new love interest. Don’t wait for someone who might never be yours and pick well. If somebody cheats with you, he will cheat on you too so why would you risk? Being single is better than being with a guy who’s already taken.

Ask for divine intervention too and raise your standards high. Every girl deserve no less than true love.