Tidebuy Lolita dresses

Lolita fashion can be quite expensive to buy and one has to really invest on it. They are made for special occasion and event to make one look stunning and doll-alike. I’ve recently been introduced to cosplay fashion such as Lolita dresses and became instantly curious and hooked on it. However as a newbie I don’t know where to start and what to look for.

Fortunately I stumbled upon Tidebuy’s lolita dresses! They all look stunning and uniquely stylish. Plus they are available at cheap prices because of their daily deals and sales. Although I must admit you won’t caught me wearing those on the mall or with my kids 😉 Because these dresses can really draw the crowd’s attention on you that easy. Let me show you some of these awesome dresses I found online.

This Red and Black Pleated Multi-layered Bowknot Ornament Collar Sleeveless Gothic Prom Dress is on sale for only $113.99

This one reminds of my LBD ; Black Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress is on sale for only $79.39

I just love the color of this Sweet Pink Long Cotton Lolita Dress! It is on sale for only $114.39

Tidebuy Lolita dresses has a large number of styles to choose from Tidebuy Lolita dress, Tidebuy gothic Lolita dress, Tidebuy white Lolita dress, Tidebuy cheap Lolita dress, Tidebuy pink Lolita dress, Tidebuy classic Lolita dress, Tidebuy blue Lolita dress and Tidebuy sweet Lolita dress. It is said that the sweeter styles tend to appeal to younger Lolitas, and Classic and Gothic may feel more natural for older Lolitas. So don’t forget to visit http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Lolita-Dresses-4461/ and choose one that suits your unique style.


Pictorial at RAVE pasig

RAVE Pasig photo 10626682_10205347642914742_8740387194365076071_n_zps4c9d4497.jpg

I got a really cool and affordable photo video package for Chase & Chaeli’s birthday from Tina Magallon. I initially plan not to get a full package since I only need the photos for my blog but because Tina is sooo accommodating and good on persuading me by her affordable and high quality outputs, I gave it a go :). I haggle the package price at almost half the price but she still gave me a free pre-birthday photoshoot for Chase & Chaeli! Incredible right?! It was supposed to be just an indoor shoot but Tina insisted that it will be better to have an outdoor pictorial at RAVE Pasig. I am still waiting for the preview pics though so bear with my phone camera photos here.

RAVE Pasig photo 10301591_10205362290480922_3892067083385419570_n_zpsae55a0a1.jpg

RAVE Pasig photo 10353630_10205362283640751_2856513066427761279_n_zpsbc97e250.jpg

RAVE stands for Rainforest Adventure Experience. It was our first time to visit and I am surprised that an oasis park/resort exists just in the heart of the metro (and a few meters away from home).

Among the park’s attraction and amenities are the boating lagoon, maze garden, zip line, petting zoo, butterfly pavilion, aviary, water park pools, train station and amphitheater.

RAVE Pasig photo 10487213_10205362288880882_2453031406818524416_n_zps4a7ba02a.jpg

There’s no ENTRANCE fee if you just want to stroll around the park, but if you want to try their amenities, there’s a minimal fee of 20-50 pesos only. It is cheaper if you are a PASIG resident. So better bring your ID if you are one.  It is ideal for everyone who wants to experience nature but can’t go far from the city. A nice place to have a weekend getaway to for families too, our kids had fun in the zoo and train ride. Too bad we weren’t able to experience the boating lagoon because we ran out of time (we were there around two o’clock in the afternoon) but there’s always a next time! 🙂

RAVE of Pasig is located at F. Legaspi Ave. Maybunga, Pasig City and is open from 8 am to 6 pm. For more information, visit their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/RainforestAdventureExperience, their website,www.ravepasig.com, or call (02)642-5280 (Admin) or (02)628-4291 (Water park). 

Hong Kong Itinerary


As I mentioned in my previous post here, We will be celebrating Chase’s 7th birthday in Hong Kong this year. I started planning this about a month ago and we are all excited already! Since this is my husband 2nd and my 3rd time in Hong Kong, we decided to forego tour packages that travel agencies offers and just make our own tour itinerary. I’m gonna share this to you here 🙂

We are staying in a three star hotel at Jordan road and staying for 4 days and 3 nights on the first week of December:

First thing first, here’s a list of documents that I shouldn’t forget.

  • Passport
    Birth certificate (just in case Immigration doubts our parental status to Chase & Chaeli 😉
    Proof of Identification and VL report (For PH immigration)
    Printed copy of plane tickets
    Printed Hotel Booking

Day 1 : ETA in HKIA is 12noon, Since We haven’t been to Ngong Ping and HKIA is just 20 minutes away or less from NgongPing and City gate, my plan was to go straight there after checking out and go to TST to get my reserved discounted tickets in GC. (GC offers the lowest tickets to Disneyland, The peak and Ocean Park)

Plan A: Ngong Ping, Hotel and TST (*buy discounted tickets)
Plan B: Hotel, TST and Avenue of stars

Day 2 : Ocean Park and The peak
Day 3 : Disneyland (Chase’s birthday!)
Day 4 : Our return flight is around 6pm but we need to check out before 12 noon. So I’m thinking of just heading to HKIA earlier than usual and do the strolling/shopping there or if we didn’t accomplish Ngongping on Day 1, we might head straight to City gate.

Plan A: Last minute shopping and HKIA
Plan B: HKIA (early check in) and Ngong Ping 360 then HKIA for return flight

There goes! I hope everything will turn out well for us 🙂 and keep in touch for the next round of updates on this..

Booths republic : Personalized gifts



We all love our names and there’s no better present to receive than one that has our names on it. That is why I am loving these personalized giveaways from BOOTHS REPUBLIC. They’re practical and sweet gifts to share this Christmas. I will be giving them to Chase’s classmates and teachers in school on his birthday. Since they do not allow food to distribute in the class aside from the cake, these bag tags and paper clips will serve as their takeaway loots 🙂 I will also include a ticket invite for their Lego themed party in Jollibee that will be held on the last week of December. I am sure this will be a hit because eversince as I posted this on my FB wall, friends and relatives have been asking me where they can order these lovely gifts. Well let me share it with you as well :

You can see their works at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Booths-Republic/

For orders and inquiries email them at boothsrepublic@yahoo.com



Jewelry for fashion

Christmas jewelries lets you be yourself this season. Whatever the image you want to present to the world, jewelry exists to help you construct the look. Layers of beads in multiple colors and sizes display a Bohemian style. Put up your hair, wear some vintage pattern earrings and add a pretty charm bracelet to create an aura of romance. Of course, if you just love the color orange, you can find some orange fashion jewelry to elevate your mood when you dress for a rainy day. Self-expression is the best part of fashion. Fashion  jewelry features the unique design that add interest to everyday clothes. It also accentuates your personal style.

christmas jewelry
christmas jewelry

Fashion necklaces and bracelets often feature beautiful, multicolored patterns. Many designs resemble fabric patterns like floral or animal prints. The patterns may be formed during the manufacturing process or painted on by hand. Art glass beads feature patterns on the interior and exterior of the glass. Patterns add personality to an outfit, whether you like feminine rose patterns or vintage polka-dot designs.

christmas jewelry

You can also have your jewelry be the focus of your look. Wearing an oversized pendant or chunky earring is a great way to accessorize a conservative blouse and pair of slacks. When you want to show off an extra large, very bright or just very noticeable necklace or choker, keep the rest of your outfit simple to heighten the visual impact. Check out top cyber monday deals 2014 for Christmas jewelry deals at http://www.tbdress.com/Topic/Cyber-Monday-Jewelry-Deals-8-100543/

Don’t be boring. You have plenty of fashion jewelry to make that outfit shine. A large bangle adds a splash of color, and petite crystal earrings create some sparkling light around the face. Whenever you update your wardrobe with new clothes, handbags and other accessories, look for inexpensive jewelry to expand the style options of each outfit.

Trendy jewelry and accessories are available in-stores and online too, check out http://www.tbdress.com/Topic/Christmas-Jewelry-Deals-25-100543/ Fashion jewelry is designed to be worn with just about anything so go ahead and have fun experimenting with it.

Joint party for Chase & Chaeli


The 7th year is supposed to signify first independence and seen as an important milestone in the life of a child. This when they enter grade school and gain steady friends to celebrate this said birthday. Chase will be turning seven on the first week of December and because we want to make it special (not exactly extravagant), we asked him six months before what he wanted in a party. He answered that he doesn’t want any party but want to go to Disneyland Hong Kong instead (Good job Disney channel!). So we booked our flights to Hong Kong when the cheapest fare came available.

But wait Chaeli is turning three on the last week of December and She has been asking us too for a party specifically one with her favorite characters “Jollibee and Hetty” (Just because she saw Chase’s 3rd Jollibee birthday album and watches alot of Jollibee series). Research says that that our earliest accurate memory occured after our 2nd birthday and Scientists claimed that children can correctly recall experiences from when they near three years of age. Having said that, the 3rd birthday is the first celebration that a child would remember and enjoy in his/her life. This is true for Chase, until now he remembered how Jollibee danced at his 3rd birthday party 🙂

So we have decided to have a joint celebration on Dec 28, 2014 at Chaeli’s favorite fastfood chain – Jollibee (Lego movie theme)!  I will try to update you with the party planning details and Chase’s HongKong itinerary in my upcoming posts so don’t forget to subscribe or join my Facebook fan page at http://facebook.com/chaseandchaelismom

Are you the other woman?

We can’t always help who we fall for, but we can control our ACTIONS. Here’s my advice to all “other woman” and women to avoid being one.

1. Don’t take the bait! Even when he’s crossing the line between friendship and potential love, don’t let it get out of hand. You can’t control his actions but you can control yours. Resist believing his empty promises. The lines he feeds you are just that — Lines. Until he’s really done with his girl, there’s no you and him. Some guys just liked the thrill of flirting with another girl.

2. Demystify his personality. Are you putting him on a pedestal? If he’s your image of Mr. Perfect, it’s time to shatter the glass and see him for who he really is. Stop fixating on his good qualities and see him as an entire individual. Do not sell yourself short.

3. Find new people to hang out with. If you’re falling even harder because you’re always together if not always communicating. The solution is to move away and mean it. Don’t think of it as avoiding him. Think of it as exploring new worlds. Spend time with people who will keep your mind occupied and before you know it, he’s totally out of your system.

4. Confide in someone brutally honest. Sometimes it takes a hard shaking to get the feelings out of your system. I’m not saying you should set yourself up for a verbal battery, but talk t someone who will give you an honest feedback, Somebody elder than you or a mentor like priest or counselor. If you have a best-friend who loves you but know that will not tolerate you the better. Real friends are not afraid to crush you in order to save you.

5. Open yourself to dating. Find a new love interest. Don’t wait for someone who might never be yours and pick well. If somebody cheats with you, he will cheat on you too so why would you risk? Being single is better than being with a guy who’s already taken.

Ask for divine intervention too and raise your standards high. Every girl deserve no less than true love.