Hong Kong Itinerary


As I mentioned in my previous post here, We will be celebrating Chase’s 7th birthday in Hong Kong this year. I started planning this about a month ago and we are all excited already! Since this is my husband 2nd and my 3rd time in Hong Kong, we decided to forego tour packages that travel agencies offers and just make our own tour itinerary. I’m gonna share this to you here 🙂

We are staying in a three star hotel at Jordan road and staying for 4 days and 3 nights on the first week of December:

First thing first, here’s a list of documents that I shouldn’t forget.

  • Passport
    Birth certificate (just in case Immigration doubts our parental status to Chase & Chaeli 😉
    Proof of Identification and VL report (For PH immigration)
    Printed copy of plane tickets
    Printed Hotel Booking

Day 1 : ETA in HKIA is 12noon, Since We haven’t been to Ngong Ping and HKIA is just 20 minutes away or less from NgongPing and City gate, my plan was to go straight there after checking out and go to TST to get my reserved discounted tickets in GC. (GC offers the lowest tickets to Disneyland, The peak and Ocean Park)

Plan A: Ngong Ping, Hotel and TST (*buy discounted tickets)
Plan B: Hotel, TST and Avenue of stars

Day 2 : Ocean Park and The peak
Day 3 : Disneyland (Chase’s birthday!)
Day 4 : Our return flight is around 6pm but we need to check out before 12 noon. So I’m thinking of just heading to HKIA earlier than usual and do the strolling/shopping there or if we didn’t accomplish Ngongping on Day 1, we might head straight to City gate.

Plan A: Last minute shopping and HKIA
Plan B: HKIA (early check in) and Ngong Ping 360 then HKIA for return flight

There goes! I hope everything will turn out well for us 🙂 and keep in touch for the next round of updates on this..


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