How to Apply Fake Eyelashes


Who doesn’t want to be able to flutter long, thick, beautiful lashes? Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a fairytale-worthy set. Although many of us turn to enhancers or growth serums from brands like Revitalash, Neulash, or prescription strength Latisse to take our lashes to new lengths, false lashes offer a quick temporary fix. And they offer the versatility to suit your every mood: from natural looking to completely over-the-top effects.

While there are hundreds of brands, lengths, and styles to choose from, the application process is quite standard—as is the removal process! If properly removed, temporary lashes won’t harm your natural lashes. Plus, if you treat your disposable lashes with care, you can use them over and over again, extending their lifecycle and value.

Step 1: Size your lashes. Often lashes are oversized to fit all eye-shapes, and may have a sharper edge that can feel uncomfortable on the eyelid. Prior to adding the adhesive, size the lash across your lid. Trim down the sides, using cuticle scissors if necessary.

Another tip: cutting the strip in half can make application easier.

Step 2 : Instead of adding eyelash glue directly to the back of the lashes, squeeze the adhesive in a fine line onto your non-dominant hand and then run the seam of the lash through the glue for a more even application.

Step 3: Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry, and then place the strip on the outer half of your upper lid (as close to your natural lashes as possible). Place the seam along your lashline, going in a downward motion. You should be pushing the strip down into your lashline, rather than applying the lashes from the front.

If you cut the strip in half in Step 1, repeat the process to place the lashes on the inner half of your upper lashline.

Step 4: For a more natural effect, use liquid liner along the lashline to conceal any sign of the lash strip.

If working with individual lashes, the process is the same: just make sure to start with the outer corner and work your way in.

** When removing the lashes, do not rip the strip. This can tear out your natural lashes. Instead, dip a Q-Tip or cotton swab into eye makeup remover and gently run it along the lash line. The false lashes should naturally begin to fall off. Gently glide the strip off with your fingers. Then use another swab to remove any excess glue.

Place the false lash carefully back in its case for next time. Generally, false lashes are packaged so they lie along a curved plastic container. Putting the lashes back on that curve helps them keep their


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