From long to short hair


Since grade school, I’ve always had long thick hair. The length should always past below my shoulder and I would always tell the stylist not to go above it even if it’s just an inch. I thought any style shorter than that would look unflattering to me. Although, I’ve always wondered how I would look on short hair and secretly dreamed of having one.

The wig

The wig

And so I started envisioning my head with a short bob cut and I mean literally. I bought a wig and posted a selfie wearing it. To my surprise, my friends thought it looked great on me and even asked the name of my “supposed” stylist. That gave me a little courage but wasn’t enough though to made me to it. A year after, I became a stay-at-home mom and I never thought how difficult it can be to maintain and comb my hair once a day with all my chores haha 🙂 Then finally decided to make my wig a reality. 😉 If you’re planning to have your long hair cut short, learn from my tips below.

Do a research for the best cut that will work on your face shape. You can ask your stylist for advice before making this big decision.

Choose a style that reflect your personality. You have to be confident in a cut that suits you.

Try cutting your hair into stages. Just because that bob cut looks great on your favorite celeberity doesn’t mean it will great on you. By cutting your hair into stages, you can see how a certain length suits well on you.

Relax and have fun styling your new hair. Embrace your new look and stay gorgeous.

Cutting my hair short gives me a sense of freedom from my old look, dry and damaged hair. Remember your hair will eventually grow back and it’s going to be a new and better hair than before.


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