Anxiety Disorder and Depression

“You have to be at the receiving end of pain for you to understand how pain works.”

Most people try to be logical in dealing with depression but end up worsening it. Simply because you cannot just cure it mentally
(although ironically it is said to be a mental problem). Most sufferers deal with it alone because they feel like no one would understand them. I too, was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and I feel worse whenever people would try to analyze it for me. As if they know my illness better than me. Some would even play “psychologist”. It just doesn’t work that way that’s why most people with anxiety just resort to denying and not accepting their condition. Therefore, denying themselves to be diagnosed and treated.

Depression is not a choice, it’s not a case of snapping out of it or pulling yourself together. People who has never been clinically depressed should stop being so definitive about it and accept that it’s a complex condition. The reason why you’ve been able to snap out of it is because it’s not depression but merely sadness. Depression is a medical condition and not just a “state of mind” and it needs to be treated right away. It’s a serious condition when left untreated and it could lead to death. Maybe if more people could keep an open mind on this and be less judgmental of anxiety sufferers, suicide cases maybe lessened.


20 thoughts on “Anxiety Disorder and Depression

  1. My friend lost her brother due to depression and it’s sad because his action came so quickly when he was in a state of depression and was not thinking straight. Sleep deprivation aggravates the condition


  2. Depression is not a choice when it has become serious. But before depression occurs, if the patient is able to do activities like going for counselling or exercises and makeover, it is still possible to heal without medication~


  3. It’s sad when some people fail to see just how real these disorders are. The effects of anxiety and depression are so shocking that no one should ever subjected to such a state! :O


    • you can avoid it. There so many ways you can do but start with acceptance. Accept that you’re only human and sometimes weak. But you are not alone and there’s so many people out there who is experiencing that same thing and still breathing. Join a support group and educate yourself about the symptoms of depression and ways to fight it. Also meditation and religion helped me get throught it. Be open to consult a pyschologist..


  4. These two conditions need to be treated and addressed immediately. It’s best if the person has a very strong support system as well.

    We may never understand exactly what a person with depression or anxiety feel but if it’s our family, we should give them our unconditional love and support.


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