I am gonna share the poem I made when I was in high school for my first true love.. 🙂


The guy I loved

In a place that is beautiful
I met this guy that’s so wonderful.
He taught me all the things I’ve ever known,
and showed me the things I’ve never seen before.

I can easily say that I love him so much,
That he took a special part deep within my heart.
Bec he loves me with all his heart,
and cares for me with all his might.

Maybe God has his own reason,
To take him without any permission.
Though its sad awful,
He made me realize what is life for.

How it is to stand on my own,
How to be brave infront of a foe,
Be responsible and break a bone.
I can do it, I’m never alone.

I know that no one can replace this guy I loved for he will always stay in heart
Because that special person is you, Dad.


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