Transportation Accessories for Babies

Getting a little one from place to place will be a breeze with the right equipment. Baby carriers and car seats top the list in this section for items that will be essential for transporting the child to various locations such as to doctor visits and visits to family and friends.

Baby Carriers

An ergonomic baby carrier is a must for any new parent because it allows one or both hands to be free to carry other essential items while providing a safe transportation method for the child. There are many types available that are both ergonomic for the parent and comfortable for the child.

If a parent chooses a sling baby carrier,, then it is important to look for one that will easily adjust to the size of the child. This type of child carrier should include strong shoulder, chest, and waist straps for the wearer that are easily customizable for transporting the baby safely and still be comfortable for the parent to wear. There are also baby carrier models that are designed to be carried by hand.

Car Seats

Prior to picking up the newborn from the hospital a baby car seat must be purchased. Many medical facilities will not allow parents to transport a baby home without a car seat. The car seat must be able to meet or exceed guidelines required for safe transport. Many car seats are also designed to be used as carriers, but be careful when choosing one for both transportation methods as not all carriers are designed to be car seats.

A car seat should have a five-point harness. A five-point harness is comprised of five straps. Two of the straps will help secure the shoulders of the child, two more straps will help secure the hips, and the final strap will be at the crotch. It is the combination of these five straps that will ensure that the baby is securely fastened inside the car seat. The car seat should also allow sufficient room for the seat belt to strap the car seat securely to the seat of the vehicle as well. See the table below for guidance before purchasing an infant car seat.

Age of Child

Car Seat Type


Newborn to 3 years of age Rear-facing car seat only Rear-facing car seat until age 3 or until height and weight meet car seat manufacturer’s specifications for safe restraint
Ages 4 to 7 Forward-facing car seat with harness or convertible car seat Forward-facing car seat when child reaches age 4 or exceeds the height and weight specifications of car seat manufacturer
Ages 8 to 12 Booster seat with belt Used when child exceeds recommended height and weight specifications of car seat manufacturer but still do not meet seat belt requirements
12 years of age and up Seat belt Standard seat belt rules apply

As the table shows, it is best for an infant to be in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible.


Another baby accessory that many parents choose to purchase is the baby stroller . There are various models that can be purchased that are both lightweight and compact for easy storage and transportation. This is an essential item for parents because as the child grows they will become much heavier to carry for longer periods of time. Having a stroller also gives the parents a way to store items safely in the compartments that are provided on the stroller.

The parents should make sure that the stroller has a durable and safe strap and that the seat of the stroller is free of any material that would pinch the baby when strapped inside the stroller. The handle and wheels should be sturdy and safe and of the correct design. There are several kinds of strollers available, from double and triple strollers tojogging strollers with special wheels. The stroller should also provide adequate cover from the harmful rays of the sun and be sturdy enough to hold a diaper bag and other accessories without tipping over.



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