Feeding Accessories for Babies

Baby bottles, bottle warmers, and high chairs will be some of the primary feeding accessories that will be needed for the baby. Bottles are useful even if the mother plans on breastfeeding because they provide a way to give the baby herbal teas and water if necessary. The baby will be able to use no-spill cups with straws at around 6 months of age.

Baby Bottles

Baby bottles come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some baby bottles are smaller in size and are perfect for newborns. Other bottles have an ergonomic grip which makes it easy for baby to hold the bottle themselves when they are old enough to do so. Still, other bottles come with nipples with larger openings so that when infant cereal is mixed with the milk or formula, it can pass easily without getting clogged. A bottle such as this last one would not be an ideal one for a newborn as it would allow too much milk or formula to pass through the nipple to the mouth of the baby and could create a choking hazard. Always choose the nipple that is correct for the baby’s age as stated by the manufacturer.

Bottle Warmers

Baby bottle warmers come with a variety of features designed for safety and convenience. Bottle warmers are essential for being able to heat the bottle contents in a quick and convenient manner. Travel bottle warmers have short warming cycles that last only a couple of minutes or less. Parents should check the bottle warmers for safety features such as an automatic timer with a shut-off feature so that the risk of getting burned or the bottle warmer becoming a fire hazard is greatly reduced. When using any bottle warmer, the parent will need to always make sure that the fluid is at a safe temperature before feeding it to the baby.

High Chairs

Although a baby high chair will not be necessary for feeding purposes when the parent first brings the child home, it is still a very necessary accessory to have on hand for when the baby is old enough to sit up on its own and is eating baby food. A high chair is essential for feeding a child because it keeps the child in an upright position which makes it safer for the baby to swallow. Safety features are especially important when a parent picks out a high chair for their young one. A high chair must be sturdy when sitting on the floor. Test out the stability of the high chair by rocking it back and forth and make sure that all legs stay planted firmly on the floor. A safe high chair should also include a crotch rest and a five-point safety strap and if the high chair has wheels, the wheels should also come equipped with locking mechanisms to keep the high chair in place without rolling.


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