Wearing a Patterned Blazer

Blazer styles for women vary more than those available for men. Women’s blazers are not only available in traditional patterns, but many designers also use more feminine patterns for blazers, like flowers.

Patterned Blazers for a Job Interview
The outfit worn to a job interview should be extremely conservative in style. Dark, basic colors like black, gray, brown, and navy are safe choices. Many women already know about the slimming effects of vertical stripes, so pinstripes or other small striped patterns are a great option for a job interview outfit. If a woman is wearing a suit dress under her blazer, the suit dress should be a solid color so that her outfit is not too busy or does not clash.

Wearing a Patterned Blazer at Work
Often, work environments will vary in what is deemed acceptable office wear. However, blazers that stay close to the four basic conservative blazer colors are a safe choice. Subtle stripes and small checkered patterns are very work-friendly. Women can also opt for patterns created by different threads of fabric being woven together like tweed, herringbone, and houndstooth. These patterns go well with plain slacks or a solid-colored skirt.

Casual Patterned Blazers for the Daytime
Women have an incredible amount of blazer options for casual wear. Large, bold floral prints are a popular choice and pair well with jeans. Women can also find casual blazers in conservative patterns but bright colors: Pink stripes or pink checks are a common style. For a simpler look, large checks or wide stripes in neutral colors will look casual without being too stylish or bright.

Wearing a Patterned Blazer on a First Date
First dates are the time to make a good first impression. Dark-colored blazers can be both slimming and sexy. Geometric prints look good. A basic diamond pattern can look great with jeans or with a short date dress. Women opting for the classic little black dress for a first date can play more with brightly colored patterned blazers. Blazers that use embellishments in patterns are also a fun addition to a date outfit.

Patterned Blazers at Special Events
For formal evening events, blazers in rich jewel tones are flattering and will be appropriate. A jewel-toned paisley patterned blazer made from silk or velvet will look good with most women’s formal dresses. Stripes in rich tones and made from a shiny fabric will also look great in a formal setting.

Wearing a Patterned Blazer to a Wedding
Weddings are a great time for light-colored blazers in fun patterns. Large or small polka dots are great for a daytime or afternoon wedding and will give an outfit a retro twist. A small floral pattern is great for summer weddings and won’t be too bold or attention-grabbing. Blazers printed with a lacy pattern are also great for weddings. Light blazers won’t overwhelm a woman’s dress, whether she has a sundress or a formal gown.

Patterned Blazer for a Night Out
When a woman is planning a fun night out with friends, she may want to show off her wardrobe and style. Bright bold floral blazers are a great way to do this. If the night’s plans include a bar or club, then a woman can use wild patterns like animal prints. Tiger or zebra stripes are not as common as the classic leopard print, and sometimes these prints are available in non-traditional colors like bright neon shades.


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