Ways to Maximize Your Closet

Whether you are in an apartment, a condo, a classic family home, or a brand-new build, you may find yourself lacking in one very important area—closet space. Just where are you going to put all your fabulous shoes, your snappy ties, your cocktail dresses, or your crisp collared shirts? With a little ingenuity and some spare time, you can experiment with 10 ways to maximize your closet space and revel in the wardrobe real estate you gain.

Buy an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Toss out the shoe boxes and get an over-the-door shoe organizer for that prized collection of high heels, ballet flats, and sandals. If one organizer is not enough, mount a shelf in your bedroom and display your prettiest designer heels as wearable art.
Add More Shelves
If you only have a few hanging clothes, leave a space for them at one side of your closet, and fill the other side with shelves for extra storage. Putting in shelves makes it easier to access your items than simply stacking boxes.

Organize Purses and Scarves

Purses and scarves create a chaos of colors and materials in your closet. Instead of piling them onto a shelf, hang them neatly using curtain rod rings and hooks or clips. You can also stow them in cubbies or drawers.

Install Rotating Racks and Corners

Got a corner in your walk-in closet? Install a round, rotating rack on which to hang shirts, ties, blouses, scarves, or other items. Like an in-cupboard Lazy Susan, the rotating rack saves space, facilitates quick clothing selection, and makes full use of that corner space.

Use the Height

Many closets have a single shelf installed just above head height, with a clothes rod right under it. This design wastes a lot of space, especially in homes with high ceilings. Install shelves, cubbies, or drawers all the way to the top of your closet. You may have to extend the height of your closet doors and purchase a cute step-stool to reach the topmost items, but the extra storage space is worth it.

Double the Hanging Space with Soda Can Tabs

A quick hack to make the most of your hangers involves saving the tabs from old soda cans. Reuse them by sliding one over your hanger hooks and using the second hole to attach another hanger. Consider using thin or wire hangers. Essentially, this gives you a dual-layered hanger arrangement, thereby doubling your hanging space. You can also attach a wide-link chain to your closet rod and hang the hangers from the links.

Make the Closet into an Office

Are you one of those minimalistic individuals who operate on a slim wardrobe? Use the extra closet space for other purposes. Take off the doors, install a narrow desk or table in the closet, and you have an office alcove for studying, work, or other tasks.

Transform the Closet into a Laundry Space

No laundry room in your home? Refit a deep closet with plumbing and add a stackable washer and dryer to simplify your life. Stow your clothes in a beautiful antique wardrobe or your dresser instead.

Use Suitcases as Cheap Storage Solutions

Instead of leaving that empty suitcase in your closet all year until your next vacation, make it worth its space. Pack it full of your off-season clothing, extra linens, or childhood mementos, and slide it into the closet under your hanging clothes.


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