How to use eyebrow pencil

Makeup is a part of almost every woman’s daily routine. With cosmetics, a woman can enhance her features and cover up imperfections. While thick, well-groomed brows are always desirable, not everyone has naturally thick, well-shaped eyebrows, which is where eyebrow pencils come in handy. An eyebrow pencil is a type of makeup that women use to create thicker, more defined brows, to complement the rest of their facial features. Buyers who want to learn to use this tool should follow certain steps, but before that, they should learn about popular eyebrow pencil brands. Eyebrow pencils and other cosmetics are available from many retail stores.

One way to find the right pencil is to try different brands and shades and see which one works best. It may take a few tries, although for the most part, eyebrow pencils are quite similar and it should not take too long for a person to find an ideal choice.

Using an Eyebrow Pencil : 

Some makeup newbies may think using an eye pencil is as easy as drawing over the brows. Actually, it takes more than just drawing skills to make natural looking eyebrows. First, there is some preparation involved before any actual drawing takes place.

Finding the Arch
Finding the eyebrows’ natural arch is important to ensure the brows look natural. The first step in finding this arch is measuring the brows. Take any long, straight object, like a pencil or makeup brush and place it in front of the center of the eye, going up to the brows. The point where the object meets the eyebrows is the natural arch. Next, take the same object and place it by the edge of the nostril and the edge of the eyebrow. This is where the brow should begin. Then, line up the object with the edge of the nostril and pivot it to the outer corner of the eye. This point indicates where the brows end. These three points make up the natural shape of the eyebrow. Connect the three points with a pencil and pluck or wax accordingly.

Preparing the Eyebrows
Before using any type of eyebrow makeup, women should first ensure they groom their brows by using a pair of tweezers to clean up any stray hairs or use an eyebrow comb to put everything in place. Next, picking the right pencil shade is the next important step. While it may seem counterintuitive, the pencil shade should be slightly lighter than the person’s hair color, but only two shades lighter at the most. Since eyebrow pencils are for filling in brows and not drawing them on, a lighter shade should look more natural. Dark pencils tend to have a “drawn-on” look and seem obvious. Finally, before using any pencil, the user should sharpen it, but not to a fine point. There are many special eyebrow pencil sharpeners just for this purpose.

Using the Eyebrow Pencil to Fill in Brows
The best way to use an eyebrow pencil is to fill in brows slowly, not draw them on. Starting from the inner corner, apply the pigment using light, short strokes, until it reaches the outer corners. Clean up any stray marks with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. Some people might want to use an eyebrow brush to fix any stray hairs and blend in the pencil pigment.


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