How To Buy Fake Eyelashes

Though there are only two basic designs for false eyelashes, full false eyelash sets and individual eyelash extensions, within each of these general types there are several other choices that buyers can make. This includes looking at different lengths, colors, and enhancement features.

False Eyelash Lengths

The length of the false eyelashes an individual chooses to buy will depend entirely upon the desired effect of these lashes. For example, when looking for individual lash extensions, try to match the length of each extension to the length of the current lashes to achieve a more natural look. In addition, there are specific considerations to make depending on whether a buyer wants one type of lashes or the other.

Sizing Individual Lash Extensions

Individual lash extensions are generally offered in four sizes: 8 mm,, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 14/15 mm. Some companies offer extra-long individual lash extensions that are up to 20 mm. When adding individual lashes, users will need to vary the length at different points of the eyelid, as longer lashes tend to be concentrated in the middle of the eyelid and shorter lashes on the outside.

Sizing Full Lash Extensions

On the flip side, when looking for full lash extensions users do not need to worry about the subtleties of length as the full set is already designed around these changes. However, the overall length of the set of false eyelashes should be taken into account in accordance with the effect that one wants to create, either super-dramatic or natural.

Another consideration that must be taken into account with full length extensions is the length of the strip of lashes themselves. Each person’s eyelid is unique, meaning that there may be a need to trim strips on either side or buy shorter strips in order to conform to one’s eye size.

False Eyelash Colors

One of the real draws of false eyelashes is not only the natural-looking beauty benefits that they provide, but the variety of effects that users can create through the use of colored false eyelashes. Colored options are generally associated with full lash extensions, which come in every color of the rainbow; there’s even the option of gettingmulti-colored false eyelashes..

However, it is also possible to get individual lash enhancements in different colors which can then be used for a more subtle colored look. This is a great way to add an extra “pop” of color to an outfit, much like bright eyeliner..


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