Date night fashion tips


Polish your look as he takes you wining, dining, drinking or dancing on you “Date night”. Preparing for a date night can be difficult because of the standard date etiquette. You need to look good without trying too hard. Of course a good conversation is what matters, but you’ll be surprised by how your overall look can affect your date. A good way to narrow down outfit choices is to know what NOT to wear.

Uncomfy heels – The last thing you want to be during a date is uncomfortable footwear.

Rubber slippers – Unless your date’s taking you to the beach, wearing a pair of slippers is just sloppy.

Side boob – You would want to be a little mysterious right?

Trainers – Rubbershoes to a fancy restaurant? It’s really outright inappropriate don’t you think?

Now what should you wear?

Mix back and white or add some shades of colors like blue and green to your outfit

Nothing beats the sexy vibe from an LBD even when it comes in structured forms, wow it with the right pair of shoes and heels.

Show some character and attitude by wearing a RED lipstick.




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